American experts on the prospects of Nord Stream 2

Gas Pipeline Projects from Russia to the EU. An Expert Discussion

According to Anders Aslund, if the president’s veto on the draft law on the defense budget is overcome, it will be impossible to operate the pipeline.

The Russian-led Nord Stream 2 consortium said on Monday that it had finished laying pipes in German waters. Russia has expressed confidence that the gas pipeline will be completed. American experts believe that if President Trump’s veto on the defense budget is overcome in the Senate, the gas pipeline will not be put into operation..

Construction was suspended in December 2019 due to US sanctions. At the end of November 2020, it became known that underwater pipework would be resumed on an almost three-kilometer section in the exclusive economic zone of Germany..

“The delay in construction was caused by sanctions: Western firms withdrew from the project because they feared that the United States would impose some financial penalties on them. Russia brought in its ships and contractors, and they resumed construction of the pipeline. The last remaining phase is the part that is close to Danish waters, and it looks like it will be completed, “said Richard Weitz, an expert at the Hudson Institute..

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Construction of the German section of Nord Stream 2 completed



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  • American experts on the prospects of Nord Stream 2

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Anders Åslund from the Atlantic Council believes that the completion of Nord Stream 2 in German territorial waters should not be given too much importance.

“What’s important is construction on a site about 100 kilometers long in Danish waters. As we know, this work will begin in mid-January. Since the Senate is about to overturn the presidential veto on the defense bill, it will be impossible to make insurance or certification companies work with Nord Stream 2, Åslund emphasizes..

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American experts on the prospects of Nord Stream 2

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