American intelligence remains out of politics

Foreign countries ‘actively working’ to recruit government officials in spy efforts

New acting Director of National Intelligence promises that the US intelligence services will continue to provide the government with the objective information necessary to make important decisions

New acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, who began work on Friday, promised to do everything to ensure the smooth operation of the national intelligence services.

“The Office of the Director of National Intelligence continues to focus on guiding the intelligence community and providing critical information to ensure the security of our country,” Maguire said in a statement released Friday..

Maguire, a former Navy Special Forces soldier, headed the National Counter Terrorism Center until Thursday. The President named him acting head of National Intelligence following the resignation of former chief Dan Coates and his first deputy Sue Gordon..

Former and current intelligence officers reacted positively to this appointment: Maguire, before taking up the fight against terrorism, served in the Navy for many years, he is considered a serious leader who can guarantee the honesty and frankness of intelligence reports.

With Coates and Gordon gone, many observers are wondering whether the intelligence community will be able to maintain its independence in its assessments. It was “the willingness to always speak the truth in the face of those in power” that caused President Trump’s cool attitude to the leadership of the National Intelligence Service..

“The departure of Coates and Gordon is a sad fact for the country as a whole and for the healthy relationship between intelligence and big politics. Their departure is due to Trump’s unwillingness to hear from intelligence what does not suit him politically. There is a distortion of the intelligence community’s mission, ”says former CIA officer Paul Pillar, now at Georgetown University..

The president’s supporters call such fears excessive. “I think [intelligence reports] contain a lot of rhetoric in support of just one of the parties – unfortunately,” says Fred Fletiz, a former CIA analyst who now heads the Center for Security Policy. According to him, the main task of the Director of National Intelligence is to provide the president with “as accurate, objective and non-political information as possible. The President is convinced of this “.

American intelligence remains out of politics

Fletiz believes that it is time for the intelligence agencies to change and admit “that intelligence was used as a weapon against Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.” According to Fletiz and a number of Republicans, former President Barack Obama so badly wanted his protégé Hillary Clinton to win the election that he even worked out, together with his allies, a plan to discredit Trump using counterintelligence data – in case Donald Trump was all- will win the 2016 election.

“We all know exactly what happened. It is important that the intelligence leadership recognizes this fact and takes steps to ensure that this does not happen again, “Fletiz said in an interview with Voice of America..

Larry Pfeiffer, a former CIA chief of staff and ex-director of the White House Situation Room, considers Fletiz’s claims “a little crazy.” According to him, “no one from the US intelligence community … used intelligence to defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 election.”.

American intelligence remains out of politics

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