Georgia may suspend government funding of opposition parties

In Depth – Political Funding The Georgian opposition believes that by doing so, the authorities want to force them to end the boycott Georgia plans to stop funding parties whose representatives give up their parliamentary mandates. At the same time, the deputies who, for disrespectful reasons, miss the plenary sessions for a month, have their […]

Social media: opportunities and dangers

What are the dangers of oversharing on social media? Brian Acton: People live in a real, not a virtual world What could be the future of social media in the US and around the world? Is it possible to control and regulate social media? – Estimates by Brian Acton, former Facebook employee, Whatsapp co-founder, head […]

Trump spoke out in defense of Roger Stone

Roger Stone speaks out in interview, denies deal with Trump The representative of the Ministry of Justice announced the withdrawal of the initial recommendation to determine the penalty for the accused US President Donald Trump criticized federal prosecutors on Tuesday after they recommended that longtime friend Roger Stone be sentenced to 7 to 9 years […]

Joe Biden: Trump Withdraws From Coronavirus Crisis

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on how they would handle the coronavirus pandemic recovery Democratic presidential candidate said he is ready to go to close the economy again if necessary in order to stop the pandemic Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he does not blame President Donald Trump for the coronavirus epidemic, but […]

Conflict in Karabakh: What Role Does Moscow Play?

Russia: Moscow expects UN bodies to play active humanitarian role in Nagorno-Karabakh – Lavrov Russia and Turkey remain two regional heavyweights and key players capable of influencing the situation around Nagorno-Karabakh The scale of the escalation of the conflict around Nagorno-Karabakh, which began on September 27, is increasing, going beyond the line of contact. The […]

The satirical pamphlet The Mazeltov Cocktail is shown at the New York Film Festival

MASEL TOV COCKTAIL: Clip 1 (English) How a young Jew from the former Soviet Union lives in Germany? Arkadij Khaet was a few weeks old when his Jewish parents emigrated from Moldova to Germany. Almost three decades later, Arkady is successfully mastering the filmmaking niche. His short films are shown at international film festivals, and […]

Amnesty International: Russian and Syrian military intentionally target hospitals

Amnesty accuses Syrian regime and Russia of war crimes Organization calls on UN not to cut aid to civilians in Syria amid crisis Amnesty International has released a new report detailing 18 air and ground attacks on schools and hospitals by the Syrian government and Russia. The organization concluded that Russia and Syria deliberately carried […]

Trump Threatens He May Not Sign Bill on COVID-19 Relief Package

Trump suggests he may not sign COVID-19 relief package unless stimulus is increased to $2,000 | ABC7 The President expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that this document provides for ridiculously low direct payments to Americans US President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened not to sign the $ 892 billion coronavirus relief package bill, which includes […]

Georgia accuses Russia of the phased annexation of Abkhazia

Russia Accused of Plotting Abkhazia Annexation: Georgia slams Kremlin pact with breakaway republic Georgian Foreign Ministry: Russia’s attempt to create a single socio-economic space in the occupied Georgian territory is a gross violation of international law The approval of the program for the formation of a single socio-economic space between Moscow and Sukhumi is another […]

US sanctions: Russian Nord Stream 2 pipelayer left Germany

US threatens Germany with sanctions over Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline | DW News Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction suspended due to possible US sanctions Pipe-laying vessel «Academician Chersky», which was called a possible completion of the gas pipeline «Nord Stream 2», left the German port of Mukran, where it was moored in the […]

Biden announces the composition of his climate change team

President-elect Joe Biden introduces climate team The President-elect named the future leaders of the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Energy, as well as a number of federal agencies dealing with environmental issues President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday night announced the names of key members of his team that will fight the negative effects of climate […]

Holocaust Remembrance, History and Politics

2021 International Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration Russian President Putin was not invited to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau Over 200 former prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp gathered with world leaders on January 27 in the Polish city of Auschwitz for a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of […]

76 days: the history of the pandemic is written before our eyes

‘76 Days’ Director: U.S. Media Not Showing Horrors of COVID-19 | Amanpour and Company Wuhan Lockdown Documentary Available To Stream In USA In the ratings traditionally made at the end of the year by movie websites and mass media observers in many countries, the Chinese film 76 Days invariably ranks among the top ten or […]

Viktor Martinovich: Any comparison of us with Ukraine and Russia is incorrect

How Different Are Russian and Ukrainian??? Belarusian writer Viktor Martinovich in an interview with the Voice of America – about the mood of the last few days, why he did not go to the Coordination Council and the prospects for peaceful protest Ksenia Turkova: How would you describe the mood of the last two or […]

Truce in Donbass: in search of a compromise

Ukraine: DPR announces ceasefire in Donbass President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the need to sign a ceasefire in Donbass from July 27 within the framework of the Normandy Four KIEV – The ceasefire agreement reached at the talks in Minsk is to be signed by representatives of the Normandy Four. This was stated by […]

Crew Dragon docked to ISS

Watch SpaceX Crew-1 Dragon capsule dock to the International Space Station Earlier, President Trump called the launch a triumphant return of the United States to space. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft with American astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Beneken successfully docked at the International Space Station on Sunday. Former military test pilots Hurley and Behnken, who […]

Relatives of Western prisoners in Iran are growing anxiety over their fate

Young academic accused of spying imprisoned in Iran for over 700 days | 60 Minutes Australia US and UK suspect Tehran is keeping their citizens as a pressure tool Fears over the fate of more than two dozen British and American citizens held in Iranian custody are mounting. US and UK say Tehran is keeping […]

Searches of journalists and human rights activists are underway throughout Belarus

Belarus and the Human Rights Council: Towards accountability for human rights violations (EN) In the Investigative Committee, the purpose of the searches was called the establishment of the circumstances of the financing of protest activities. In Belarus on the morning of Tuesday, February 16, investigators came to the apartments and offices of human rights defenders, […]

First Lady and Mike Pompeo urged to support Trump in elections

First Lady Melania Trump, Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Speak On Day 2 Of RNC On the second day of the GOP convention, White House adviser Larry Kudlow and Senator Rand Paul also addressed the participants. US First Lady Melania Trump urged Americans to vote for her husband Donald Trump in November’s elections, saying no […]

Eli Lilly suspends COVID-19 drug trials

Eli Lilly reports results from Covid-19 phase 2 antibody drug trial Previously, the suspension of trials of a vaccine against coronavirus was announced by Johnson Johnson Another pharmaceutical company suspends testing of an experimental drug for COVID-19 for safety reasons. US-based Eli Lilly announced that clinical trials of its coronavirus antiviral drug had been suspended […]

U.S. Representative for Syria: Damascus puts on a publicity show

Amateur footage shows missiles falling over Damascus as airstrikes begin Joel Rayburn believes the Syrian refugee conference organized by the Assad regime, Russia and Iran was convened for propaganda effect US State Department Special Representative for Syria Joel Rayburn on Thursday criticized the “conference on the return of refugees” organized by official Damascus with the […]

Lukashenko: power at any cost

Belarus president, leader since 1994, says he has too much power Belarusian experts believe that Alexander Lukashenko is again trying to maneuver between West and East in an attempt to maintain power Against the background of the mass protests of the population that have been going on for six months over the falsification of the […]

Trump’s conversation with Georgia’s secretary of state: reaction

Analysis of Trump’s phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state President demanded from the head of the electoral system of the state to reconsider the election results US President Donald Trump commented on his conversation with the Secretary of State of Georgia, excerpts from which were previously published by the Washington Post. The President demanded […]

Director of National Intelligence Supports Ban on Election Security Briefings

Director of National Intelligence ends in person-briefings on election security | GMA Democrats said they can request this information through subpoenas National Intelligence chief John Ratcliffe on Sunday supported the president’s decision to end face-to-face electoral security briefings to Congress. In turn, the Democrats said the move would slow the spread of critical information about […]

US reaffirms its commitment to Japan to protect disputed islands

US to defend Japanese islands claimed by China We are talking about the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands in the East China Sea, which are claimed by Japan and China. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, in his first telephone conversation with his Japanese counterpart, reaffirmed America’s commitment to protecting a group of islands in the East […]

Biden overturned many of Trump’s decisions with first series of executive orders

Joe Biden signs his first executive orders, overturning Trump policies | ABC News In particular, the President signed a decree on the return of the United States to the Paris Climate Agreement Joe Biden began undoing his predecessor’s actions in the past four years by signing a series of executive orders on his first day […]

Arrest Calvey: Is corporate raiding a thing of the past?

Corporate Raider’s Handbook by Mitt Romney Kremlin critics say the arrest of an American businessman proves Russia is a corrupt country MOSCOW – The arrest of Baring Vostok investment fund founder Michael Calvey on fraud charges related to a lengthy litigation with the Russian bank Vostochny Express sparks a debate in Russia. Participants question whether […]

What is Russia looking for in Cuba?

Russian FM promises more economic & military support to Cuba during visit Experts – on the visit of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to Cuba, Moscow’s geopolitical ambitions and regional realities The two-day visit of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to Cuba is indicative of the fact that the intention to strengthen ties between themselves […]

Russia agreed to inspect the Kerch Strait by specialists from Germany and France

Russia reopens Kerch Strait to shipping after standoff German Chancellor Merkel a month ago proposed to check how the safety of the passage of ships through the water area of ​​the Kerch Strait is ensured Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to the proposal of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the admission of German and French […]

The banking system of Belarus is now completely seized by the security forces – Andrei Strizhak

Media Freedom in Belarus: UN Security Council Arria meeting Co-founder of BY_help and BYSOL – about mass blocking of accounts and about helping Belarusians who suffered from repression Ksenia Turkova: Last week it became known that law enforcement agencies began to block the accounts of Belarusians who received compensation from the BY_help initiative. What happened […]

Erdogan calls for boycott of French goods

Erdogan calls for boycott of French goods, EU calls his comments ‘unacceptable’ Turkish President urged European leaders to stop the hate campaign allegedly launched by French President Macron Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on fellow citizens to boycott French goods in response to France’s “anti-Islamic” agenda, as he called it. In a televised speech, […]

President Zurabishvili: Georgia needs a strong America

President Michel met with Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili Washington and Tbilisi draw parallels between events in the two countries Georgia supports the United States and believes in a strong America – the country that is the leader of the democratic world. This is how Georgian politicians reacted to the riots in Washington. “For thirty years […]

Lev Ponomarev: Denunciations are in fashion now

Human rights defender Lev Ponomarev is arrested Human rights activist and his organization fined 400 thousand rubles Roskomnadzor again fined Lev Ponomarev, executive director of the For Human Rights movement, and at the same time his organization, in aggregate – 400 thousand rubles. This time – for the publication of material in a personal blog […]

Trump refuses to attend East Asia summit

White House says Trump will not attend summit with ASEAN leaders for second straight year The President completes his 12-day tour of Asia, promising to make an important statement from the White House on the basis of international meetings US President Donald Trump missed East Asia Summit plenary at the last moment due to backlog […]

American astronaut voted in US presidential elections from space

Here Is How American Astronauts Will Vote From The Space In The US Presidential Elections 2020 Keith Rubins made her choice while aboard the International Space Station American astronaut Keith Rubins on Thursday voted for the US presidential election while aboard the International Space Station, and her vote will be counted despite the fact that […]

Sentences of Jehovah’s Witnesses are toughened in Russia

Is Russia clamping down on Jehovah Witnesses? BBC News More than a dozen followers of the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been sent to jail The coronavirus pandemic did not at all improve the situation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, but rather even worsened it, despite the protests of the international community. This is the […]

The EU has not yet introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation in connection with the detention of Navalny’s supporters

EU agrees on sanctions against Russia Some countries are in favor of sanctions, but Brussels is in favor of a phased approach The European Union will not yet impose new sanctions on Russian citizens, despite the arrests of more than 3,000 people across Russia during Saturday’s protests in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, European […]

Pompeo: Protecting Religious Freedom Is A Priority Of US Foreign Policy

Defending Religious Freedom is a Priority Secretary of State issues statement on International Religious Freedom Day US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issues statement on International Religious Freedom Day. “Today marks twenty-two years since the United States passed the International Religious Freedom Act 1998, reaffirming our commitment to promoting and protecting the fundamental right to […]

Europe is with the people of Belarus. And with whom is Russia?

Belarus protests: Lukashenko says Belarus and Russia could unite troops Experts on the accusations of Minsk and Moscow against the West and the real policy of the European Union towards the Lukashenka regime During a press conference following his two-day visit to Minsk, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused Western countries of interfering in the […]

Russia may respond to new US sanctions not symmetrically, but painfully

The Primacy of Sanctions: An Assessment of U.S. Sanctions on Russia Experts fear that relations between the two countries may turn into a phase of endless confrontation MOSCOW – The reaction of the Russian political leadership to the adoption by the US Congress of the law on new sanctions against Russia first sounded from the […]

US military command reminded servicemen of the oath

Taking the Oath of Enlistment The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that Joe Biden will become President and Commander-in-Chief on January 20 The US military high command, representing all branches of the armed forces, issued an appeal to all military personnel, in which it declared that actions such as the attack on the Capitol building […]

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions from senators

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answers questions, addresses possibility of regulation In a affidavit, Facebook CEO said the social network should take action to prevent personal data abuse. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify to a group of senators on Tuesday after he apologized for the way his company handled the data of millions of users.. […]

From cold war to gray: cyber conflict between the West and Russia is gaining momentum

Russia and the West: a New Cold War Former adviser to British Prime Minister talks about offensive cyber operations in response to attacks from Moscow Former security adviser to Boris Johnson said the UK recently launched a series of covert cyberattacks against Russian leaders and their interests in response to a cyber attack against the […]

The United States began to supply humanitarian aid to Lebanon

United States Sends Aid to Lebanon Following Deadly Blast In Beirut, where about 300 thousand people were left homeless, massive protests are taking place. A group of ex-military seized the Lebanese Foreign Ministry building, announcing the beginning of the revolution President Donald Trump personally oversees the delivery of American emergency aid to Lebanon, starting with […]

A Russian citizen who was preparing a contract murder was detained in Georgia

Georgia massage parlor shootings leave 8 dead; man in custody The media claim that the killer was supposed to be a Georgian journalist Georgy Gabunia, who insulted Putin The Georgian State Security Service (SGB) confirmed that a Russian citizen was detained in Tbilisi on June 12, (only his initials are given – V.B), suspected of […]

Senators Van Hollen and Young welcomed efforts to extend START III

NASA in Maryland event with U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen In 2019, they presented a bipartisan bill to extend the treaty until 2026 Senators Chris Van Hollen and Todd Young issued a statement welcoming the Biden administration’s efforts to extend the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START III) with Russia. The treaty, which expires on February […]

Ukraine simplifies entry for Belarusian citizens

Russia Simplifies Getting Citizenship for Ukrainians Simplified registration of a residence permit in Ukraine applies to Belarusian entrepreneurs, highly qualified and IT specialists and their family members KIEV – Ukraine continues to do everything possible to support the Belarusian people. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba during an online briefing, […]

NGOs and the nervous reaction of the authorities

What is Non-governmental organization?, Explain Non-governmental organization Transparency International – Russia has published a report. The Procurator was checked by Transparency International – Russia The Center for Anti-Corruption Research and Initiatives “Transparency International – Russia” today published a report on its work in 2012, as well as in November-December 2011. The center provided a description […]

Mark Rozovsky: Monuments to Stalin inside people – that’s what is most dangerous

Joseph Stalin: Created Worst Man-made Famine in History – Fast Facts | History A well-known theater director – on the revival of the Stalin personality cult and the protest movement in Russia Director, artistic director of the Nikitsky Gate Theater Mark Rozovsky came to the United States to present a play based on Pavel Sanaev’s […]

Putin decided to defeat poverty in Russia and change the Constitution

Russian voters appear to approve constitutional changes that could extend Putin’s reign Experts believe that the measures proposed by President Putin are not enough to overcome poverty, but the amendments to the Constitution will further restrict the rights of Russian citizens In his traditional message to the Federal Assembly, which was voiced on Wednesday by […]