Biden announces the composition of his climate change team

President-elect Joe Biden introduces climate team

The President-elect named the future leaders of the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Energy, as well as a number of federal agencies dealing with environmental issues

President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday night announced the names of key members of his team that will fight the negative effects of climate change. This is stated in a press release published by the transition team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris..

Biden nominated Congresswoman Deb Haaland for Home Secretary, Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm for Energy Secretary, and named future leaders of the EPA, the Environmental Quality Council, and White House climate change advisers.

In a statement, the team will be able to “turn the climate crisis into an unprecedented opportunity to create millions of well-paid jobs across the country; provide our economy with clean energy and … make it stronger and more sustainable “.

“This brilliant, experienced, innovative team will be ready from day one to tackle the threat of climate change with a unified national strategy based on science and equity,” said Biden..

Congresswoman Deb Haaland, who now represents New Mexico in the lower house of Congress as Vice Chair of the Natural Resources Committee, if appointed by the Senate, will become the first Indian minister in American history..

Jennifer Granholm, who has twice been elected Governor of Michigan, has been nominated for the post of Secretary of Energy. Biden and Harris’ transition team said in a statement that Granholm worked to create clean energy jobs and was instrumental in saving the US auto industry, saving one million jobs in Michigan..

Michael Regan, head of the North Carolina State Department of Environmental Management, has been nominated to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Regan worked in this federal agency under the Democratic and Republican administrations, and is able to bring together representatives of the public, private and non-profit sectors to solve environmental and climate problems, according to a press release..

Biden announces the composition of his climate change team

Lawyer Branda Mallory has been nominated for the position of Chair of the Environmental Quality Council. A former General Counsel for CEQ and current Director of Regulatory Policy at the Southern Environmental Law Center, Mallory has a wealth of experience in the environmental arena. If approved, she will become the first African American to be appointed head of the council, created more than half a century ago..

Gina McCarthy, who headed the Environmental Protection Agency in the Barack Obama administration, will become the White House’s national climate advisor. Such a position will appear for the first time in US history. She will head the White House’s Office of Domestic Climate Policy.

Biden has nominated climate expert Ali Zaidi as Deputy Gina McCarthy. Zaidi once assisted the Obama and Biden administrations in the development and implementation of a climate action plan and participated on the part of the United States in the negotiations on the Paris Climate Agreement. Zaidi immigrated to the United States from Pakistan and grew up in the so-called “rust belt” (an old industrial region of the country) near Erie, Pennsylvania..

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Biden announces the composition of his climate change team

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