Biden blames Trump for Capitol riots

Biden Blames Trump For Capitol Riots

President-elect named Trump supporters who stormed into Congress on Wednesday as rebels and domestic terrorists

President-elect Joe Biden called Donald Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol building on Wednesday afternoon “domestic terrorists” and blamed the incumbent for Wednesday’s violent attacks in downtown Washington..

Biden’s announcement came on Thursday during a speech by the President-elect in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden stressed that Trump supporters who burst into the Capitol building yesterday should not be called protesters. According to the president-elect, these people can rather be called “an unrestrained crowd of rebels, internal terrorists.”.

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Biden blames Trump for congressional riots



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    Biden blames Trump for Capitol riots
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Biden said Donald Trump was guilty of trying to “use the crowd to ignore the votes of nearly 160 million Americans” who took part in the November presidential election..

President Trump “in all his actions clearly expressed … contempt for our democracy, our Constitution, the rule of law,” thus attacking the democratic institutions of the United States, which ultimately led to riots in the Capitol, Biden said. He called the attempted capture of the Capitol “one of the darkest days” in US history..

“He (Trump) initially launched an all-out attack on the institutions of our democracy, and yesterday was just the culmination of this ruthless attack,” Biden said..

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Biden blames Trump for Capitol riots

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