Congressman Engel condemns Al-Shabab attack on US-used military base in Kenya

The attack killed three Americans

Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel issued a statement on Sunday in which he strongly condemned the attack by Islamist militants from the Al-Shabab group on an air force base in Kenya, which led, as the lawmaker stated, “to the tragic death of one American soldier and two contractors Ministry of Defense “.

Engel recalled that the attack on a base used by Kenyan and US military forces to combat terrorism in the region was preceded by an unsuccessful al-Shabab attack on another US base in Balagogle, Somalia..

Engel Highlights U.S. Unwavering Commitment to Partnership with Kenya.

Earlier on Sunday, the Somali militant group Al-Shabab said it had attacked a military base used by the US and Kenyan military..

The base is located in the coastal city of Lamu on the Kenya-Somali border.

District Commissioner Lamu Irungu Macharia confirmed the attack, noting that the attack area is still unsafe.

“Between 4 and 5 am there was an attack on this military base. Our officers entered the battle with the invaders, and this lasted until about 6 hours. Now the situation has calmed down, but the area is still unsafe to visit. However, the situation is returning to normal, and our officers are on the spot, “he said..

Al-Shabab said in a statement that the group had partially taken control of the camp and that the attack resulted in casualties..

Kenya Defense Forces say they repulsed the attack and that four militants were killed.

Congressman Engel condemns Al-Shabab attack on US-used military base in Kenya

The attack comes just days after Al-Shabab gunmen killed three bus passengers in Lamu County.

Security operation in the area near the border with Somalia for the last five years.

Al-Shabab launched a series of attacks against Kenyan security forces and civilians on the coast and northeast of the country.

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