Democrats presented a draft electoral platform

Could The Texas GOP Platform BE More Anti-Democratic, Anti-Gay, Nuts?

The project proposes to put an end to years of wars and to rebuff Russian revanchism

On the eve of the congress, the Democrats presented a draft of their electoral platform, which they intend to approve in a few weeks in Milwaukee. How their views on US foreign policy have changed over the past 4 years?

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders’ teams worked together on an 80-page draft of the Democratic Party political program. These two candidates received the most votes from delegates for the nomination. According to experts, the Sanders-Biden tandem accurately reflects the internal processes in the Democratic Party, which in turn influenced a more progressive foreign policy in comparison with 2016..

For example, in the new platform, the Democrats refuse to support the military operation in Yemen, conducted by the coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia, for many years. The rhetoric towards Russia is also changing. Democrats seriously revised their traditionally moderate views back in 2014, after the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine. The last straw was the Kremlin’s interference in the American elections.

«Intervention in the American elections and the special relationship between Trump and Putin led Democrats – both soft-minded to Russia and those who supported a tougher line – to perceive the Kremlin as a serious enough threat to the American political system and international alliances.», – told in an interview «Voice of America» Professor at Georgetown University Daniel Naxon.

Separately, in the text of the document, Democrats criticize Donald Trump for the fact that his administration did not pay due attention to intelligence data on Russian mercenaries in Afghanistan, as well as for the initiative of the US President to return Russia to «The big seven».

«Democrats, together with our European partners, will oppose Russian revanchism, – the text of the platform’s draft says, – We will not allow Moscow to interfere in the internal affairs of democratic states and undermine our forces».

Donald Trump’s opponents promise to confidently counter the threats posed by the Kremlin, but a new arms race should not be expected. «US spends 13 times more on defense than on diplomacy» – the democrats are indignant and promise to reduce military spending. However, experts note that this proposal is more like flirting with voters..

«The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives of Congress had the opportunity to vote to cut military spending, a clause supported by the progressive wing of the party, but they did not. On the platform, they are addressing this idea to get Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for Joe Biden. But among the leadership of the Democratic Party, this idea has no support.», – stated in the comment «Voice of America» Researcher, Cato Institute Doug Bandow.

Democrats presented a draft electoral platform

Other promises from the Democrats include restoring U.S. leadership in international alliances and renewing relations with the Palestinian Authority, which effectively ended after the Palestinians rejected the Donald Trump administration’s peace plan..

Another difference from the previous platform concerns relations with China. In the 2020 party program, the country is mentioned three times more often than four years ago. And this, according to experts, is largely due to the tone set by the Donald Trump administration..

«Democrats on the issue of China, in a sense, are forced to catch up with the Republicans, because Trump turned China into one of the main topics of his election campaign.», – noted by Doug Bandow.

Traditionally, foreign policy has not been the determining factor for American voters. And the platforms themselves are more of a statement of intent than a clearly written program. However, they still record certain trends – both in the country’s foreign policy and in internal processes in the parties themselves..

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