Director of National Intelligence Supports Ban on Election Security Briefings

Director of National Intelligence ends in person-briefings on election security | GMA

Democrats said they can request this information through subpoenas

National Intelligence chief John Ratcliffe on Sunday supported the president’s decision to end face-to-face electoral security briefings to Congress. In turn, the Democrats said the move would slow the spread of critical information about foreign election interference, and warned that they might require subpoenas to testify..

John Ratcliffe, the new director of National Intelligence and a close Trump ally, accused lawmakers of leaking classified information from a July 31 briefing in order to promote what he said were political misinterpretations..

“Several members of Congress have turned to a number of publications and leaked classified information, again for political purposes, to create a narrative that is simply not true – that Russia somehow poses a greater security threat than China,” Ratcliffe said. Fox News.

Ratcliffe is a former lawmaker who defended Trump during a congressional investigation into Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. election.

Democratic lawmakers accused Ratcliffe of trying to stop them from questioning intelligence officials.

“In a written report, you can point out things that are not true, and you cannot be questioned about it,” Democrat Democrat head of the House Intelligence Committee said in his State of the Union program on CNN..

“When you can hide behind documents, or hold on to documents and not answer questions about it, it allows you to hide the truth. In this case, hiding the truth is hiding the fact that the Russians are again intervening to help the president achieve re-election, ”he added..

Schiff denied leaking classified information from July briefing.

Director of National Intelligence Supports Ban on Election Security Briefings

“I didn’t do it, my employees didn’t do it. I cannot speak for all the committee members, among whom there are many Republicans, “he said..

Schiff promised to “force” the intelligence community to report threats to Congress, including through subpoenas.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, speaking on ABC’s This Week, said Ratcliffe made an “outrageous” decision while several foreign governments are trying to “invade” the November 3 elections and said “Madness” possible development of events when the House of Representatives will be forced to summon him with a summons.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, urged not to exaggerate the significance of Ratcliffe’s decision, appearing on CNN’s State of the Art program. According to him, the reaction of the Democrats was “disproportionately overblown”.

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