Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions from senators

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answers questions, addresses possibility of regulation

In a affidavit, Facebook CEO said the social network should take action to prevent personal data abuse.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify to a group of senators on Tuesday after he apologized for the way his company handled the data of millions of users..

He will appear at joint hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Committee on Commerce, and will address House lawmakers on Wednesday..

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Legal committee chairman Chuck Grassley said social media users deserve to know how the company protects and shares their data. Senator says he wants to talk with Zuckerberg about finding a balance between security and innovation..

On Monday, Zuckerberg held a private meeting with lawmakers in Washington and released a affidavit stating that the social network should take additional measures to prevent misuse of user data..

“Our views on our responsibility were not broad enough, and it was a big mistake. My mistake and I’m sorry about it, ”Zuckerberg said..

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Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions from senators

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In a statement, Zuckerberg noted that Facebook is starting to notify 87 million users whose personal data has been collected, without their knowledge, by Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based voter profiling company. The company’s services were used by the campaign headquarters of US President Donald Trump to work with likely supporters in the 2016 elections.

Facebook estimates that the majority of affected users, over 70 million, reside in the US, but some are in the Philippines, Indonesia and the UK – over a million in each country..

The social network allowed the British researcher to create an application through which about 200 thousand users revealed their personal information, which the scientist Alexander Kogan later transferred to Cambridge Analytica. However, the number of affected users then increased dramatically thanks to the data on friends, relatives and acquaintances with whom those 200 thousand users kept in touch..

Cambridge Analytica claims it only had data on 30 million Facebook users.

Senator Bill Nelson, a leading Democrat on the commerce committee, said on Monday that Zuckerberg told him Cambridge Analytica “lied” to Facebook.

Nelson believes Zuckerberg was honest with him when he talked about it in their private meeting. However, the senator believes that the social network will face many challenges in the future..

“If we don’t monitor social media and platforms like Facebook and the mistakes they have made in the past, then no American will have privacy,” Nelson said..

Facebook announced that it will send all its users, which is 2.2 billion people, a link where they can find out what applications they use, and instructions with which they can deny access to third-party companies to their applications..

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Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions from senators

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