Joe Biden: Trump Withdraws From Coronavirus Crisis

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on how they would handle the coronavirus pandemic recovery

Democratic presidential candidate said he is ready to go to close the economy again if necessary in order to stop the pandemic

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he does not blame President Donald Trump for the coronavirus epidemic, but blames him for “getting out” of the crisis.

“His claims that all this will go away, that some kind of miracle will happen, is unrealistic,” Biden said, adding that Trump has repeatedly promoted “crazy” treatments and “did not listen to scientists.”.

Biden and fellow vice presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris were interviewed by ABC News on Sunday night. This was their first interview together after they formed an electoral tandem..

The interview was taken on Friday, one day after the end of the Democratic convention..

On Sunday evening, Trump announced that he had helped break the permanent impasse and supported the decision of the Federal Food and Drug Administration to issue an emergency authorization to use blood plasma from COVID-19 patients to treat the disease. Trump called it a “powerful therapy” with an incredible rate of success, although government scientists said the treatment needed further research..

The GOP convention opens Monday, which will see Trump and Vice President Mike Pence nominate for a second term. The President and his supporters will certainly cite the emergency permission to use blood plasma containing antibodies to coronavirus as a prime example of Trump’s leadership in the fight against the pandemic..

Biden said that if elected, he would follow the recommendations of health experts, including re-closure of the country’s economy if necessary in order to stop the coronavirus pandemic..

“I will be ready to do whatever is necessary to save lives. We can’t get the economy moving until we get the virus under control, ”Biden said. He also called on governors to introduce a masked regime..

Addressing those who refuse to wear masks, Biden said, “Maybe that’s enough?” According to him, wearing masks is a patriotic duty of Americans, aimed at protecting their neighbors by stopping the spread of the virus..

Biden said that the president did not listen to experts and scientists, including the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and instead suggested that people “crazy things”, such as using disinfectants to destroy the coronavirus.

Biden said he called on the president to develop a national plan, saying Trump had no idea how to reach out to Americans..

Harris described as a “red herring” any talk of harsh comments she made about Biden during her campaign debate over school buses. She said Biden understands that black families own only a tenth of the wealth that whites own, and that blacks and Hispanic Americans are twice as likely to die from COVID-19 as whites..

Joe Biden: Trump Withdraws From Coronavirus Crisis

Harris and Biden also tried to iron out some of their differences on issues such as health care. Harris supported the idea of ​​universal free access to health care, while Biden, as vice president under President Barack Obama, helped him enact the Affordable Health Care Act, and wants to add the possibility of public insurance to the existing private insurance market..

“We both think healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” Biden said..

Harris said she would be honored to serve as vice president under Biden and called the offer to become his partner a “surreal” moment..

Biden said he was not pressured to opt for a black woman, but noted that women make up 51 percent of the country’s population, and that “the government should be like the people, it should be like the country.”.

When asked if a 78-year-old man is psychologically ready to become the president of the United States and, possibly, to work in this position until he is 86, Biden replied: “Argue?

Joe Biden: Trump Withdraws From Coronavirus Crisis

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