Georgia may suspend government funding of opposition parties

In Depth – Political Funding The Georgian opposition believes that by doing so, the authorities want to force them to end the boycott Georgia plans to stop funding parties whose representatives give up their parliamentary mandates. At the same time, the deputies who, for disrespectful reasons, miss the plenary sessions for a month, have their […]

Director of National Intelligence Supports Ban on Election Security Briefings

Director of National Intelligence ends in person-briefings on election security | GMA Democrats said they can request this information through subpoenas National Intelligence chief John Ratcliffe on Sunday supported the president’s decision to end face-to-face electoral security briefings to Congress. In turn, the Democrats said the move would slow the spread of critical information about […]

Biden: Democratic National Convention may have to be postponed

Virtual Democratic National Convention is possible, says Biden Coronavirus may make adjustments to the plans for the event at which the presidential candidate is nominated Former US Vice President Joe Biden, a likely Democratic candidate in the November presidential election, believes the coronavirus pandemic that gripped the country is likely to lead to a significant […]

Experts: US and Russia should begin negotiations on further arms control

New START and the Future of US-Russia Arms Control The extension of the START-3 Treaty should be the beginning of interaction between the two countries to develop new control measures with the involvement of China in this process In early February, the United States and Russia announced a five-year extension of the bilateral Treaty on […]

Trump holds treaty signing ceremony between Israel, UAE and Bahrain

Trump participates in signing ceremony for historic agreements between Israel UAE and Bahrain | FULL The ceremony at the White House was attended by the Prime Minister of Israel and the Foreign Ministers of Bahrain and the UAE US President Donald Trump on Tuesday held a ceremony at the White House to sign a document […]

Joe Biden takes office as President of the United States

Joe Biden takes oath of office, sworn-in as 46th President of the United States Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris will also take the oath of office on Wednesday Former Vice President and Democratic Senator Joe Biden will take the oath of office as the new President of the United States on Wednesday, beginning his first term in […]

Biden announces the composition of his climate change team

President-elect Joe Biden introduces climate team The President-elect named the future leaders of the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Energy, as well as a number of federal agencies dealing with environmental issues President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday night announced the names of key members of his team that will fight the negative effects of climate […]

Senate confirms Julie Fisher as U.S. Ambassador to Belarus

Senate Confirms Biden’s Pick for US Ambassador to UN She will become the first American ambassador to this country since 2008. The American Senate unanimously approved the appointment of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Europe and the European Union Julie Fisher as the new US Ambassador to Belarus. Fischer will become the first […]

Joe Biden: Trump Withdraws From Coronavirus Crisis

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on how they would handle the coronavirus pandemic recovery Democratic presidential candidate said he is ready to go to close the economy again if necessary in order to stop the pandemic Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he does not blame President Donald Trump for the coronavirus epidemic, but […]

Ambassador Sullivan: the United States does not interfere in the internal affairs of Russia

China and Russia say Western powers should refrain from intervening in state’s internal affairs The US Ambassador to the Russian Federation in an interview with Dozhd TV channel spoke about the main disagreements in US-Russian relations US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said in an interview with Dozhd TV that his only task as an […]

Press conference or contract match?

ISL 2020-21 | Kibu Vicuna Pre Match Press Conference | Jamshedpur FC Vs Kerala Blasters President Putin expressed hope that at least some of the problems with the new US administration would be resolved, but said that he foresees foreign interference in the Russian elections Russian President Vladimir Putin expects that at least some of […]

US military command reminded servicemen of the oath

Taking the Oath of Enlistment The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that Joe Biden will become President and Commander-in-Chief on January 20 The US military high command, representing all branches of the armed forces, issued an appeal to all military personnel, in which it declared that actions such as the attack on the Capitol building […]

Trump refuses to attend East Asia summit

White House says Trump will not attend summit with ASEAN leaders for second straight year The President completes his 12-day tour of Asia, promising to make an important statement from the White House on the basis of international meetings US President Donald Trump missed East Asia Summit plenary at the last moment due to backlog […]

Media: Trump fired acting Director of National Intelligence Service after warning of Russian intervention

U.S. intelligence says Russia seeking to boost Trump’s re-election bid Democrats have already condemned the president, who, according to press reports, decided to replace the head of National Intelligence after a briefing for lawmakers on the security of the elections. President Donald Trump, according to several publications, decided to fire the head of National Intelligence […]

COVID-19 spending and relief bill awaits Trump’s decision

House votes to increase Covid-19 stimulus checks to $2,000 On Monday, the U.S. Congress will interrupt the Christmas break to pass a temporary government funding bill U.S. President Donald Trump spends a holiday weekend at his Florida estate as both Democrats and Republicans await to sign the critical coronavirus and government funding aid bill he […]

Pompeo opposes the decision of the International Criminal Court

Why is the International Criminal Court under attack? – BBC News Mike Pompeo: A court that tries to exercise power outside of its jurisdiction is a political instrument that mocks law and due process US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement on the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate alleged […]

Mnuchin considers a second round of assistance in connection with COVID-19 necessary

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: We support another round of economic payments The finance minister noted that despite signs of economic recovery, the country is still far from a successful January situation. WASHINGTON – US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said a second round of massive relief from the coronavirus pandemic “is still needed” despite the US […]

Poll: over half of Americans support Trump’s early removal from power

Half of voters support impeaching, removing Trump (ASL – 12.16.19) The president’s early resignation is supported by about 90% of Democratic supporters, while only 20% of Republicans agree with this idea 57 percent of Americans want the incumbent President Donald Trump to be immediately removed from power due to the fact that last Wednesday he […]

Trump supporters held protests in several cities of the country

Trump supporters, some armed, gather outside US state capitol buildings In some cases, city officials have closed municipal buildings or relocated staff to telecommuting Supporters of President Donald Trump organized rallies outside legislative buildings in several cities, including Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix and Salt Lake City, which coincided with the storming of the Capitol in Washington, […]

Democrats and Republicans disagree on opening government

How Democrats and Republicans disagree on the Trump economy The Senate is expected to consider Trump’s proposals, which, according to Democrats, are an impassable option The partial suspension of the work of the US government (“shutdown”) continues for the thirty-first day. Senate Republican leader prepares to vote on a proposal that President Donald Trump calls […]

Fearless human rights defender becomes the heroine of the documentary

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Minister & Civil Rights Activist | Biography Nasrin Sotoudeh – Nelson Mandela of Iran She survived arrests, intimidation, solitary confinement, lashes, and hunger strike. The dramatic ups and downs of the life of 57-year-old Iranian human rights activist and lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh were filmed and became the basis of a […]

WHO chief: herd immunity cannot be a strategy to fight COVID-19

Covid-19 Herd Immunity Strategy Is Ethically Problematic, Says WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says people need to be protected from the virus, not exposed The head of the World Health Organization spoke out against the idea of ​​achieving collective immunity as a realistic strategy to end the pandemic, calling such proposals “simply unethical”. In a […]

NSA head criticized calls for tightening gun control

Law enforcement and legislators call for stricter gun laws and mental health care expansion Wayne Lapierre speaks at the annual Conference of Conservative Political Action National Rifle Association chief Wayne Lapierre on Thursday criticized supporters of tightening gun controls, saying it would not help prevent attacks like the recent Florida school massacre, but called for […]

Trump vetoes defense budget bill

Why Trump vetoed bipartisan defense spending bill House Speaker Claims President Trump’s Veto Will Be Overcome By Re-Vote Soon On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump vetoed a $ 740 billion military budget bill despite strong congressional support for the bill. This slightly increased the likelihood that the country’s military budget, for the first time in […]

Trump pledged to protect Americans around the world

Trump Pledges to Protect Christianity Republicans formally nominate incumbent president for a second term President Donald Trump delivered a recorded video message to GOP convention attendees, surrounded by six former hostages released during his administration, highlighting his determination to speak out on behalf of Americans anywhere in the world. Former prisoners were among more than […]

Trump: US will maintain a military presence in Afghanistan even if an agreement with the Taliban is reached

U.S. will maintain presence in Afghanistan even if deal reached with Taliban: Trump The President spoke about plans to reduce the American contingent in the country from 14 to 8 thousand people US President Donald Trump on Thursday announced plans to cut the American contingent in Afghanistan from 14,000 to 8,000 troops and that US […]

Democrats presented a draft electoral platform

Could The Texas GOP Platform BE More Anti-Democratic, Anti-Gay, Nuts? The project proposes to put an end to years of wars and to rebuff Russian revanchism On the eve of the congress, the Democrats presented a draft of their electoral platform, which they intend to approve in a few weeks in Milwaukee. How their views […]

Environmental Initiatives by President Biden

Biden making environmental issues and climate change a priority The head of the White House signs a number of decrees to combat climate change President Joe Biden signed a series of decrees on Wednesday to tackle climate change. In particular, we are talking about the suspension of the conclusion of new contracts for the lease […]

Attempted second impeachment of Trump: developments

Legal questions over President Donald Trump’s impeachment Democrats Ready to Submit Articles of Impeachment Monday; the idea of ​​removing the president from office was supported by some Republicans Attempts by Democrats to subject US President Donald Trump to an unprecedented second impeachment a few days before the end of his term are gaining momentum, although […]