Pompeo: US will continue to defend its national interests around the world

China imposes sanctions on Pompeo and other Trump officials

This includes, among other things, the protection of American interests from threats from China, Russia and Iran, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaking Tuesday September 15th at the Washington think tank «Atlantic Council» online, said that the United States intends to protect its national interests around the world, including from outgoing threats from China and Russia.

Mike Pompeo also confirmed the presence of support from Washington «Three Seas Initiative», which aims to develop infrastructure and energy connections among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Earlier, the United States announced that it would send an initiative of up to $ 1 billion to an investment fund..

«We have made real diplomatic efforts to connect these countries along the North-South axis. And in light of what we are seeing in Belarus today, this becomes even more important», – said Mike Pompeo. He also noted that the United States is supporting the security of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe through the NATO rotational forces deployed in the region..

«Three Seas Initiative» represents a political and economic platform between 12 countries located on the shores of the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Seas, and aims to develop regional projects in the field of infrastructure, energy and digital interaction.

The initiative includes more than 50 different projects and one of its goals is to create an energy and infrastructure corridor in the region. «North South» as opposed to the infrastructure that has flowed from east to west since the days of the Soviet Union. Thus, «Three Seas Initiative» should reduce the dependence of regional countries on energy and economic dependence on Russia.

The US Secretary of State also noted that another threat to European countries, including those participating in «Three Seas Initiative», is China. The latter is actively investing in many countries of the world, including large infrastructure projects, increasing its political and economic influence. The Chinese company Huawei also develops telecommunication technologies «fifth generation» 5G, which the US administration believes poses a threat to the national security of other countries, as Huawei may secretly collect information for the Chinese government.

«We certainly work within the framework “Three Seas Initiatives”, to recognize the threat the Chinese Communist Party may pose to countries around the three seas. We did the same at NATO, – noted by Mike Pompeo. –We asked NATO to review their strategy to make sure they include the threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to NATO countries – whether it be cyber threats, threats from space, or communications threats to telecommunications infrastructure that could rob NATO of its operational capabilities during a conflict. So, of course, efforts are being made to make sure we are aware of the threats that come not only from the Chinese Communist Party, but, of course, from NATO’s historically hostile relationship with Russia.».

Western companies, including Ericsson and Nokia, will soon be able to compete with Huawei by offering 5G at a comparable price, the US Secretary of State expressed confidence. At the same time, he stressed that the Chinese Communist Party subsidizes Chinese companies that develop their products by stealing Western intellectual property, and then offers the same Western countries technologies cheaper than private Western companies can do.. «I think the world realizes that this is the wrong way. And you will see that Western technologies that are verifiable, trustworthy and transparent will begin to dominate the telecommunications markets.», – said Pompeo.

Awareness of the outgoing threats from China and a change in policy towards Beijing, including among US allies, has become one of the foreign policy priorities of the Trump administration, the US Secretary of State emphasized. He added that China’s aggressive and expansionist policies stem from, inter alia, the belief that the United States is in decline, that «fundamentally wrong».

«We are not a declining country. The Chinese Communist Party sees for the first time that America is going to stand up for itself and will answer fairly and mutually», – said Mike Pompeo.

Pompeo: US will continue to defend its national interests around the world

«We’re Going to Protect American Interests Everywhere», – he added.

Other foreign policy priorities of the current US administration, which are fundamentally different from the previous administration, are the Middle East and Afghanistan. In the Middle East, the Trump administration considers Iran to be the main destabilizing force, and also follows implementation «US plan for a Middle East settlement», which provides for the mutual recognition of Israel and the Palestinian statehood.

«We have outlined the concept of a vision of the world in which there is another element – deep recognition that the main destabilizing force in the Middle East is not the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Rather, it is the threat posed by the extraterritorial ambitions of the clerical regime in Iran. So we fundamentally changed what the previous administration did. And we have identified Iran as a strategic threat to the United States of America», – noted the US Secretary of State.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, September 15, held a ceremony at the White House to sign a document on the normalization of relations between Israel and the two Arab states – United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Regarding Afghanistan, the Trump administration is committed to a phased withdrawal of American troops. One of the conditions for this is dialogue «Taliban» with the Afghan government and a break with terrorist groups such as «Al-Qaeda». US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during an event in «Atlantic Council», that there are less than 200 members left in Afghanistan today «Al-Qaeda».

The Trump administration’s policy is also aimed at the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, the US secretary of state said..

Pompeo: US will continue to defend its national interests around the world

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