Roman Dobrokhotov: Navalny was far from the only poisoned oppositionist

Germany identifies nerve agent used to poison Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny

Editor-in-chief of the online edition Insider – on a sinister chain of poisonings, in which the FSB is suspected of being involved

FSB officers systematically monitored Russian opposition politician and journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. and made two assassination attempts, in 2015 and 2017. This is stated in the material published the day before, jointly prepared by the online edition Insider and the Bellingcat group..

According to Kara-Murza himself, the doctors of the Moscow hospital, where he was placed in critical condition in February 2017 with the same symptoms as the first time, estimated his chances of survival at about 5%.

Earlier Insider published the results of investigations of other crimes, in which the Russian special services were also suspected of involvement. A very long ominous chain is built here: the poisoning of the Skripals in Great Britain, the Bulgarian businessman Yemelyan Gebrev, politicians Alexei Navalny and Nikita Isaev (leader of the New Russia movement), activists Pyotr Verzilov and Ruslan Magomedragimov, journalist Timur Kuashev…

On a topical topic, the Russian service of the Voice of America spoke with Roman Dobrokhotov, editor-in-chief of the online publication Insider.

Viktor Vladimirov: Your investigation says that the number of trips by FSB officers coinciding with the routes of Kara-Murza makes a coincidence statistically incredible here. But the same is true for other cases of alleged poisoning. Then, as a result, a virtually irrefutable mathematical model is formed, indicating the involvement of the Russian special services in the deaths of a whole group of people.?

Roman Dobrokhotov: Yes exactly. Even if there was no investigation into Kara-Murza, there is still no doubt about the poisoning of Navalny and other persons involved in our publications. Because too many facts have coincided that cannot be interpreted otherwise than that the FSB officers participated in this. But naturally, each new investigation adds another brick to the wall of evidence. Now, as it seems to me, she, even in the eyes of inveterate skeptics, looks indestructible. It is clear that the state and the propaganda machine will continue to deny everything until the very last moment. However, for a wide audience, it seems that everything is already very clear..

V.V .: Why have the authorities still not commented on such a sensitive topic for them, because the accusations are not humorous and they cause justified concern in society?

R.D .: The fact that the authorities are not even trying to deny anything is the best proof of their guilt. Why this happens is easy to explain. There is nothing to cover. If, in principle, they could convincingly oppose something to our data and arguments, they would have done it long ago. But if they began to openly lie and say, for example, that the people we named had never served in the FSB, then they would have to say who they really are. As everyone remembers, the attempt to whitewash Mishkin and Chepiga (employees of the Russian special services suspected of poisoning the Skripals – V.V.), who pretended to be sellers of “sports nutrition” and food supplements, ended in a laughing stock throughout the country. Nobody believed in the official version for a penny … It would be the same here. Therefore, they do not want to step on the old rake and try to remain silent, hoping that their key audience – those who regularly watch TV channels – initially do not trust sources in the form of the independent press..

Roman Dobrokhotov: Navalny was far from the only poisoned oppositionist

V.V .: How do you see the continuation of this whole unattractive story, is it possible to force the authorities to react to it properly??

R.D .: There is also a purely legal side of the issue. Now Kara-Murza is submitting a new application to the (Russian) investigative authorities. He continues to be active in the United States, where, at his request, congressmen, senators, politicians also demand that Moscow investigate the crime committed against him. The FBI took blood tests of Vladimir, they have not yet been published. Apparently, after the change of administration, we should expect movement in this direction. The new head of the Ministry of Justice may require the FBI to declassify this data and, most likely, he will do so. Thus, the world community will find out how Kara-Murza was poisoned. This is very important to bring out the whole truth. And the Kremlin cannot be silent forever.

V.V .: How do you assess the reaction of the international community to the investigation of the chain of atrocities??

R.D .: After the story with the Skripals, a powerful wave of indignation arose. And now, after the poisoning of Navalny, no one can blame the Western countries for ignoring the problem. The American administration, the leaders of Great Britain, Germany and France made very tough statements against Moscow. The statements must be followed by practical steps. In a situation where it turns out that Navalny was far from the only poisoned opposition leader, I think the most serious consequences for the Kremlin should be simply inevitable. One way or another, the process will start.

  • Victor Vladimirov


Roman Dobrokhotov: Navalny was far from the only poisoned oppositionist

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