Senate confirms Julie Fisher as U.S. Ambassador to Belarus

Senate Confirms Biden’s Pick for US Ambassador to UN

She will become the first American ambassador to this country since 2008.

The American Senate unanimously approved the appointment of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Europe and the European Union Julie Fisher as the new US Ambassador to Belarus.

Fischer will become the first US Ambassador to this Eastern European country since 2008.

Previously, Fischer performed special assignments as Chargé d’Affaires of the United States at the American Embassy in Moscow..

Kennent Yalowitz: Presidential elections in Belarus were clearly rigged and we do not recognize their results

Former US Ambassador to Belarus (1994-1997) and Fellow of the Kennan Institute Kenneth Yalowitz (Kennan Institute) in a commentary for the Russian service of the Voice of America noted that the appointment of an American ambassador in the current situation is an unconventional diplomatic practice, but a necessary step.

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Kenneth Yalowitz on the confirmation of Julie Fisher as the new US Ambassador to Belarus



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    Senate confirms Julie Fisher as U.S. Ambassador to Belarus
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“When Secretary of State Pompeo visited Belarus, which was before the rigged elections, an agreement was reached on the mutual resumption of the presence of ambassadors, and not just chargé d’affaires,” notes Kenneth Yalowitz. – Julie Fisher was nominated and has now approved her candidacy, but, of course, today we are in a completely different and very difficult situation with Belarus – the presidential elections were clearly rigged, and we do not recognize these elections. Both we and the European Union have also stated that Lukashenka is not the legitimate president of Belarus. And this means that Julie Fisher is now an ambassador to a country whose president we do not recognize as legitimate. “.

“This is a very unusual diplomatic situation, although it cannot be called completely unique,” ​​the former ambassador adds. – I suppose that in the near future Julie Fischer will not go to Minsk, because in order to go there and work as an ambassador there, she would have to present her credentials to Lukashenka, the president whom we do not recognize. Therefore, I assume, and this is a pure assumption, that she can go to Lithuania and stay there to do as much business from there as possible. Obviously, this will mean maintaining close contact with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and members of the opposition. It will also provide an opportunity to call for upholding the values ​​of democracy, respect for human rights and an end to the oppression by the Lukashenka regime from the territory bordering Belarus. Yes, it will be an unusual situation, but I am glad that we will have an ambassador. Yes, it is possible in Lithuania, but there will be a person who can personify and talk about the values ​​and principles of the United States – in fact, these are not only the principles of the United States, these are global principles ”.

The former US ambassador to Minsk also expresses hope that the Biden administration will exert stronger diplomatic pressure on the current Belarusian authorities and speak out in defense of the country’s democratic path of development..

“I think there is hope that Lukashenka’s supporters from his inner circle may start to distance themselves from him. Yes, it can take months. But we saw how it was with Solidarity [a social movement against the communist system in Poland in the 1980s]. It doesn’t happen overnight. But time is working against Lukashenka, ”says Kenneth Yalowitz.

Moscow today continues to support Lukashenka, as at the moment it does not have a better option, but this support is temporary, the former ambassador believes: “Whether they will consider an alternative in a few months, I don’t know. But I don’t think this situation will last long. “.

“It took Poland 10 years, but I think that things will go faster in Belarus,” Yalowitz concludes..

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