Senator Johnson: sanctions against Russia will remain in force under the new president

Here’s what’s in the Senate’s new Russia sanctions

Republican lawmaker expressed support for Trump administration’s foreign policy as opposed to President-elect Biden’s possible course

Senator from the Republican Party Ron Johnson emphasized that there is a strong bipartisan consensus in Congress that Russian foreign policy is unacceptable for the US national interests, and with a change of administration, we should not expect any relaxation of the sanctions regime from Washington..

«Both parties have strong skepticism about Russia under Putin. It is a historical tragedy that Putin chose this path [of confrontation] instead of properly integrating with the West., – said Ron Johnson on Thursday, November 12, during a roundtable organized by the Washington Atlantic Council on upcoming US foreign policy. – Therefore, I think that the sanctions will remain in force regardless of who is the president.».

In particular, the Republican senator expressed hope that the sanctions imposed by Washington against the gas pipeline «Nord Stream 2» will continue to operate.

«We will continue to put pressure on Russia», – he added.

At the same time, Senator Johnson notes that in terms of economic power, Russia is much weaker than the West and therefore Moscow’s influence on Western countries is often exaggerated..

«Russia plays an exaggerated role in our politics. Partly because we let them.», – he said, accusing the Democratic Party of using Russian intervention as a political weapon.

In his address, the GOP senator expressed support for the Trump administration’s foreign policy. In particular, in relation to Ukraine: «Under Biden-Obama, Crimea was illegally annexed and eastern Ukraine was annexed. President Obama has not authorized the supply of lethal defensive weapons [to Ukraine]. Donald Trump did it».

He also expressed support for the ongoing policy of the Trump administration in relation to China, Iran, North Korea, Libya, as well as in the Middle East..

Thus, China does not adhere to the established rules in the global economy, resorts to theft of Western intellectual property, and telecommunications technologies developed by the Chinese company Huawei «fifth generation» 5G poses a threat to the security of Western countries, the senator recalled.

President Trump is right to take a tough approach to Beijing and has been able to convince many U.S. allies that threats from China are growing, Ron Johnson said: «We need a united front so the rest of the world can fight back against China and demand that it stop stealing our intellectual property and begin to comply with [international] rules.».

The American lawmaker also characterized the prisoner under President Obama «Iranian deal», according to which Tehran pledged to stop developing nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting Western sanctions, as «disastrous». The Trump administration withdrew from this agreement and reinstated sanctions against Iran, believing that it did not comply with the terms of the deal, and sponsored a number of terrorist groups on the increased financial revenues as a result of the relaxation of sanctions.

«President Trump refused this, and we began to put pressure on Iran. Unfortunately, I fear that President Biden will ease this pressure and we will find ourselves back in the same situation we were in.», – said Ron Johnson.

«Libya – let’s face it – Obama was part of the coalition that “blew up” Libya, not protected by the consulate, so our ambassador and three other [Americans] died in Benghazi, – also noted the Republican legislator, adding that under President Trump, the country embarked on a path of stabilization, concluding a peace treaty [between the commander of the Libyan National Army, General Khalifa Haftar and the internationally recognized interim government of national accord of Prime Minister Faiz Saraj] and ending the civil war. – Let’s hope that it will be so».

«Israel, – continued Senator Johnson. – The Trump administration has effectively moved the embassy to Jerusalem, and the world “did not explode”. On the contrary, we have peace agreements with Arab countries».

Senator Johnson: sanctions against Russia will remain in force under the new president

«There is also Serbia and Kosovo. They got less attention, – he added. – But it is President Trump and Richard Grenell [the president’s special envoy for peace talks between Serbia and Kosovo] and their brilliant negotiating strategy to focus on an economic deal. This is a historic agreement».

«These are significant achievements, – GOP Senator concluded. – And it worries me a lot if the end result is a Biden presidency.».

According to Ron Johnson, President-elect Joe Biden’s position is wrong «on all issues of foreign policy and national security over the past four decades».

Joe Biden’s position

As follows from the analysis of the official website of the campaign of the former vice president and now the elected president of the United States, Joe Biden, his speeches during the election campaign and debates, as well as the platform of the US Democratic parties, his position on many of the foreign policy issues set out above has points of contact with the position of the outgoing administration.

Joe Biden, like many Republicans, admits that Russia under President Putin «attacks the foundations of western democracy», seeking to weaken NATO, divide the European Union and undermine the US electoral system. The President-elect is in favor of the extension of the START-3 Treaty, which is the key to strategic stability between the United States and Russia, and intends to use this treaty as the basis for new agreements on arms control.

Joe Biden also sees China’s rise «a serious challenge» and promises to exert multilateral pressure on China by strengthening relations with US allies. The future administration does not intend to cancel the decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and is ready for dialogue with Tehran only on the condition that Iran returns to fulfill all signed commitments to stop the development of nuclear technologies.

Joe Biden considers face-to-face meetings without prior concessions from Kim Jong-un «legitimizing the dictator», and proposes to negotiate in a coordinated manner with US allies and other parties, including China, to achieve a common goal of a nuclear-free North Korea.

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