Lukashenko: power at any cost

Belarus president, leader since 1994, says he has too much power Belarusian experts believe that Alexander Lukashenko is again trying to maneuver between West and East in an attempt to maintain power Against the background of the mass protests of the population that have been going on for six months over the falsification of the […]

Belarusian events in the regional context

Online Event: Has Belarus Reached a Point of No Return? Are Alexander Lukashenko’s accusations against Poland substantiated, and is he not following the methods previously tested by Russian propaganda? “They wanted to arrange a revolution in our country, not even a revolution, but a rebellion, but they got it themselves,” commented Alexander Lukashenko on the […]

Tikhanovskaya: Lukashenko has no future as the leader of this country

Belarus opposition candidate Tikhanovskaya releases video from Lithuania | DW News According to her, time is on the side of the opposition The leader of the opposition of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said that the refusal of the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko from power is only a matter of time. She wrote about this […]

Will Alexander Lukashenko Resist Western Sanctions?

Belarus: President Alexander Lukashenko’s veiled threat to protesters | Belarus Protests Latvian and Estonian Foreign Ministries publish extended sanctions lists of Belarusian officials KIEV – Alexander Lukashenko said in connection with possible sanctions from the West that Minsk and Moscow can jointly meet their needs in the economy. He said this on September 25 during […]

Moscow – Minsk: What Does the Union Support?

EU Council removes 8 names from its “blacklist” for Belarus Experts – about the political crisis in Belarus and possible scenarios for the development of events In Minsk, on the initiative of the headquarters of Viktor Babariko, and a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian Opposition Maria Kolesnikova announced the […]