The United States began a partial withdrawal of military units from Africa

What The US really wants from Iraq, US is Taking Steps to Stay in Iraq Forever The United States is rethinking its military presence on the African continent, given the growing threats from Russia and China The United States has begun redeploying its military forces in Africa, announcing the return of several infantry brigades and […]

Regional players prepare for the withdrawal of American troops from Syria

What would the withdrawal of U.S. troops mean for Syria? Turkey and Russia confirmed their intention to work with each other on the future of Syria WASHINGTON – Major players in and around Syria have begun to position their forces amid unfolding discussions about the implications of the upcoming US withdrawal from the country. The […]

US began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan

US begins troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: US official Withdrawal is carried out within the framework of the agreement between the United States and the Taliban US begins withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, embarking on an agreement with the Taliban. This was announced on Tuesday by representatives of the US military. The agreement between the US and […]