Biden blames Trump for Capitol riots

Biden Blames Trump For Capitol Riots President-elect named Trump supporters who stormed into Congress on Wednesday as rebels and domestic terrorists President-elect Joe Biden called Donald Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol building on Wednesday afternoon “domestic terrorists” and blamed the incumbent for Wednesday’s violent attacks in downtown Washington.. Biden’s announcement came on Thursday […]

Biden: Democratic National Convention may have to be postponed

Virtual Democratic National Convention is possible, says Biden Coronavirus may make adjustments to the plans for the event at which the presidential candidate is nominated Former US Vice President Joe Biden, a likely Democratic candidate in the November presidential election, believes the coronavirus pandemic that gripped the country is likely to lead to a significant […]

Joe Biden: Trump Withdraws From Coronavirus Crisis

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on how they would handle the coronavirus pandemic recovery Democratic presidential candidate said he is ready to go to close the economy again if necessary in order to stop the pandemic Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he does not blame President Donald Trump for the coronavirus epidemic, but […]

Biden introduces his healthcare team

Biden Introduces Nominees For His Health Care Team | NBC News Among the primary goals of the new team are the introduction of mandatory wearing of masks for 100 days, the opening of schools and the conduct of mass vaccination against coronavirus. President-elect Joe Biden introduced his health team on Tuesday to tackle the COVID-19 […]

Biden warns opponents of the United States of the consequences in case of possible cyberattacks

Biden Warns Cyberattack On U.S. ‘Constitutes A Grave Risk’ | NBC News President-elect pledged to make national cybersecurity one of his administration’s priorities President-elect Joe Biden commented on the US government’s report of a serious breach of national cybersecurity by a hacker attack (allegedly carried out in the interests of Russia), as a result of […]