Senate on Monday Discusses New Measures to Combat Pandemic

Sen. Coons Discusses Steps to Reduce Gun Violence – Senate Judiciary Committee – March 23, 2021 Doctors recommend lawmakers wear masks and maintain a distance of 2 meters U.S. Senators Return to Washington on Monday after a six-week hiatus amid concerns that meetings could put lawmakers and support staff at risk of coronavirus infection. Senators […]

Director of National Intelligence Supports Ban on Election Security Briefings

Director of National Intelligence ends in person-briefings on election security | GMA Democrats said they can request this information through subpoenas National Intelligence chief John Ratcliffe on Sunday supported the president’s decision to end face-to-face electoral security briefings to Congress. In turn, the Democrats said the move would slow the spread of critical information about […]

American intelligence remains out of politics

Foreign countries ‘actively working’ to recruit government officials in spy efforts New acting Director of National Intelligence promises that the US intelligence services will continue to provide the government with the objective information necessary to make important decisions New acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, who began work on Friday, promised to do everything […]

Media: Trump fired acting Director of National Intelligence Service after warning of Russian intervention

U.S. intelligence says Russia seeking to boost Trump’s re-election bid Democrats have already condemned the president, who, according to press reports, decided to replace the head of National Intelligence after a briefing for lawmakers on the security of the elections. President Donald Trump, according to several publications, decided to fire the head of National Intelligence […]