The United States began to supply humanitarian aid to Lebanon

United States Sends Aid to Lebanon Following Deadly Blast In Beirut, where about 300 thousand people were left homeless, massive protests are taking place. A group of ex-military seized the Lebanese Foreign Ministry building, announcing the beginning of the revolution President Donald Trump personally oversees the delivery of American emergency aid to Lebanon, starting with […]

Georgia accuses Russia of the phased annexation of Abkhazia

Russia Accused of Plotting Abkhazia Annexation: Georgia slams Kremlin pact with breakaway republic Georgian Foreign Ministry: Russia’s attempt to create a single socio-economic space in the occupied Georgian territory is a gross violation of international law The approval of the program for the formation of a single socio-economic space between Moscow and Sukhumi is another […]

Poland and Russia sort out relations again due to World War II

Why didn’t the Allies declare war on the USSR when they invaded Poland? Warsaw expressed outrage at the distortion of history in the official statements of Russian politicians The authorities of Poland and Russia again entered into a dispute over the reasons why World War II began, accusing each other of distorting history. On December […]