Myanmar court sentenced Reuters journalists to seven years in prison

Reuters journalists sentenced to 7 years’ jail by Myanmar court News agency editor-in-chief calls Wa Lone and Jo So Woo’s verdict a sad day for Myanmar Two Reuters journalists in Myanmar found guilty of violating state secrets laws and sentenced to seven years in prison. Wa Lone and Zhuo So Woo were arrested last December […]

Searches of journalists and human rights activists are underway throughout Belarus

Belarus and the Human Rights Council: Towards accountability for human rights violations (EN) In the Investigative Committee, the purpose of the searches was called the establishment of the circumstances of the financing of protest activities. In Belarus on the morning of Tuesday, February 16, investigators came to the apartments and offices of human rights defenders, […]

Mark Berendt: human rights violations cannot be explained by geopolitics

World Leaders are Failing Human Rights. Here’s Why. | NYT Opinion Director for Europe and Eurasia of Freedom House – on the reasons for the low rating of Russia in the report Freedom in the world – 2019 On February 5, Freedom House, an international human rights organization, published Freedom In The World 2019, in […]