Lev Ponomarev: Denunciations are in fashion now

Human rights defender Lev Ponomarev is arrested Human rights activist and his organization fined 400 thousand rubles Roskomnadzor again fined Lev Ponomarev, executive director of the For Human Rights movement, and at the same time his organization, in aggregate – 400 thousand rubles. This time – for the publication of material in a personal blog […]

Searches of journalists and human rights activists are underway throughout Belarus

Belarus and the Human Rights Council: Towards accountability for human rights violations (EN) In the Investigative Committee, the purpose of the searches was called the establishment of the circumstances of the financing of protest activities. In Belarus on the morning of Tuesday, February 16, investigators came to the apartments and offices of human rights defenders, […]

The State Duma legalized the right of the authorities to recognize Russians as foreign agents

A Blank Slate – Russian Duma Passes Debt Forgiveness Plan and New Laws Regarding Foreign Agents Critics of the draft law adopted in the third reading fear that it can be applied to an unlimited number of people and publications The State Duma of the Russian Federation gave a white light to the bill, which […]

Authoritarian states of Eurasia intensify their offensive against human rights

Post-Soviet Democratization and the Authoritarian Counteroffensive – Adrian Basora Human rights defenders are concerned about the worsening situation in a number of post-Soviet countries On Thursday, April 16, the Russian office of the international non-governmental organization Amnesty International presented the report “Human Rights in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2019” by videoconference. The study […]

Technologies against the epidemic: payback with information

Technology can save the planet | Rune Westergård | TEDxVasa Deborah Brown: Worrying that the very idea of ​​government surveillance of its own citizens is becoming the norm In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, phone apps have emerged to track potential contacts of sick people to contain the spread of the coronavirus. However, these […]

Russia leads Europe in terms of the number of prisoners

Russian court orders Alexei Navalny to prison, igniting protests, global condemnation In places of deprivation of liberty – more than half a million citizens of the Russian Federation, 2.5 euros per day are allocated for the maintenance of one person Russia holds the first place in Europe in terms of the number of prisoners per […]

Department of State: US monitors Russia’s actions in the context of the Navalny case

Sanctions Show Russia Must Be Held Accountable for Navalny Poisoning: State Dept. The United States will pressure countries that threaten human values The United States is closely following developments in the case of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and will defend human rights by putting pressure on “countries that threaten human values.” This was announced […]

Myanmar court sentenced Reuters journalists to seven years in prison

Reuters journalists sentenced to 7 years’ jail by Myanmar court News agency editor-in-chief calls Wa Lone and Jo So Woo’s verdict a sad day for Myanmar Two Reuters journalists in Myanmar found guilty of violating state secrets laws and sentenced to seven years in prison. Wa Lone and Zhuo So Woo were arrested last December […]

Amnesty International urges the UN Human Rights Council to urgently discuss the situation in Belarus

Belarus and the Human Rights Council: Towards Accountability for Human Rights Violations The letter from 16 international and Belarusian organizations also calls on to investigate human rights violations in this country. The human rights organization Amnesty International and 15 international and Belarusian NGOs sent a letter to the UN Human Rights Council, urging to urgently […]

Canada grants asylum to a girl who fled Saudi Arabia

🇸🇦 Canada grants asylum to Saudi teenager who fled her family | Al Jazeera English Rahaf Mohammed Al-Kunoun flew to Toronto on the morning of January 12 TORONTO – An 18-year-old Saudi Arabian citizen who fled her family for fear of reprisals for renouncing Islam, arrived in Canada. The country’s authorities granted asylum to Rahaf […]

Jan Rachinsky: I hope that this madness will stop after all

No Children – The Mountain Goats Chairman of the Board of the International Memorial – on the stream of fines that fell on Russian human rights defenders In the new year, the Russian supervisory authorities again fined International Memorial – this time 300 thousand rubles, according to the organization’s website. The reason for this was […]

Belarus: the trajectory of events

Videos Of Belarus Protester’s Death Appear To Contradict Official Version Of Events The confrontation between the authorities and the protesters continues for the fifth month Traditional protests were held in Belarus on Sunday, despite the orange level of danger announced yesterday due to weather conditions, including ice. According to human rights activists, over a hundred […]

Postscript to the march in defense of Ivan Golunov: courts stamp sentences

Whos is Russian journalist, Ivan Golunov? Russian human rights defenders are preparing counterclaims against the security forces In the Golovinsky District Court of Moscow, due to the lack of corpus delicti, the cases of three persons detained on June 12 during the rally in support of Meduza journalist Ivan Golunov were dismissed, OVD-Info said on […]

Mark Berendt: human rights violations cannot be explained by geopolitics

World Leaders are Failing Human Rights. Here’s Why. | NYT Opinion Director for Europe and Eurasia of Freedom House – on the reasons for the low rating of Russia in the report Freedom in the world – 2019 On February 5, Freedom House, an international human rights organization, published Freedom In The World 2019, in […]

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya: the Belarusian people need UN help

LIVE: Tikhanovskaya speaks at informal UN Security Council meeting on Belarus The nation cannot and should not be hostage to the lust for power of one person, the leader of the Belarusian opposition said in her address to the UN Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, whom the Belarusian opposition considers the winner of the August 9 presidential elections […]

2019 Russian Internet Report: Towards a Sovereign Network

What is Russia’s “sovereign internet”? Agora and Roskomsvoboda say Russian authorities want to control all components of Runet – from users to companies “The Russian authorities have decided on the main vector of policy towards the Russian segment of the Internet – control, censorship and isolation” – this is the conclusion of the authors of […]

Democracy, Human Rights and Sovereignty of Belarus: Positions of Washington, Minsk and Moscow

Belarus and democracy in Europe Experts – on a bipartisan bill formulating the US position on what is happening in Belarus, US Senate approved bipartisan bill on Monday “On democracy, human rights and sovereignty of Belarus” (Belarus Democracy, Human Rights, and Sovereignty Act). Document sent for signature to President Donald Trump. Having become law, the […]

Fearless human rights defender becomes the heroine of the documentary

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Minister & Civil Rights Activist | Biography Nasrin Sotoudeh – Nelson Mandela of Iran She survived arrests, intimidation, solitary confinement, lashes, and hunger strike. The dramatic ups and downs of the life of 57-year-old Iranian human rights activist and lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh were filmed and became the basis of a […]

Power and freedom of speech – discussion in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet

Silence U: Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate? | We the Internet Documentary How to resist Russian propaganda while staying in the legal field? KIEV – “Everything for friends, law for enemies”. This is one of the quoted phrases in the August days, which users of social networks, mainly Facebook, characterize the […]

HRW: Russia continues to harass journalists and human rights defenders

The Russian authorities should end continuous judicial harassment of human rights defenders Annual report says there has been interference with professional journalism Last year in Russia there were cases of unfair criminal prosecution of journalists in cases of justifying terrorism and high treason, as well as other manifestations of interference in professional journalistic activities.. This […]