Germany refused to exempt Nord Stream 2 from the gas directive

Lubmin Germany: On the Nord Stream 2 frontline | Focus on Europe The reason for the refusal was the violated terms of the gas pipeline construction. Pipe-laying has been suspended due to US sanctions The German Federal Grid Agency denied the Nord Stream 2 project an exemption from the EU gas directive rules, as the […]

US broadens interpretation of Nord Stream 2 sanctions

Nord Stream 2 construction resumes despite new US sanctions | DW News The sanctions will affect companies providing services to the vessels involved in the project The US State Department has clarified the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, stating that they will also affect companies that provide various services or funding […]

US sanctions: Russian Nord Stream 2 pipelayer left Germany

US threatens Germany with sanctions over Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline | DW News Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction suspended due to possible US sanctions Pipe-laying vessel «Academician Chersky», which was called a possible completion of the gas pipeline «Nord Stream 2», left the German port of Mukran, where it was moored in the […]

Sergei Lagodinsky: Navalny’s poisoning is Russia’s political responsibility

Russian opposition leader Navalny poisoned: Spokeswoman Member of the EU Parliament – about how the poisoning of Alexei Navalny is perceived in the European Union and about red lines in relations with Russia On November 27, the Committee on International Affairs of the European Union Parliament held hearings with the participation of four Russian oppositionists […]

Controversy over the Nord Stream 2 project grows in the EU

Energy security, EU relations and political power plays: What the Nord Stream 2 debate is all about Baltic and Central European countries fear dependence on gas supplies from Russia There are strong disagreements among the EU member states over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Discussion of the project by the EU energy ministers, which […]

Poland and Russia sort out relations again due to World War II

Why didn’t the Allies declare war on the USSR when they invaded Poland? Warsaw expressed outrage at the distortion of history in the official statements of Russian politicians The authorities of Poland and Russia again entered into a dispute over the reasons why World War II began, accusing each other of distorting history. On December […]

American experts on the prospects of Nord Stream 2

Gas Pipeline Projects from Russia to the EU. An Expert Discussion According to Anders Aslund, if the president’s veto on the draft law on the defense budget is overcome, it will be impossible to operate the pipeline. The Russian-led Nord Stream 2 consortium said on Monday that it had finished laying pipes in German waters. […]