Russia leads Europe in terms of the number of prisoners

Russian court orders Alexei Navalny to prison, igniting protests, global condemnation In places of deprivation of liberty – more than half a million citizens of the Russian Federation, 2.5 euros per day are allocated for the maintenance of one person Russia holds the first place in Europe in terms of the number of prisoners per […]

Russia intends to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty

Russia announces exit from Open Skies treaty after U.S. withdrawal Experts – on the reasons and consequences of the refusal of the United States and the Russian Federation from observation flights over each other’s territories Moscow is starting procedures to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty (DON). This is stated in the statement of the […]

Russia may respond to new US sanctions not symmetrically, but painfully

The Primacy of Sanctions: An Assessment of U.S. Sanctions on Russia Experts fear that relations between the two countries may turn into a phase of endless confrontation MOSCOW – The reaction of the Russian political leadership to the adoption by the US Congress of the law on new sanctions against Russia first sounded from the […]

Georgia accuses Russia of the phased annexation of Abkhazia

Russia Accused of Plotting Abkhazia Annexation: Georgia slams Kremlin pact with breakaway republic Georgian Foreign Ministry: Russia’s attempt to create a single socio-economic space in the occupied Georgian territory is a gross violation of international law The approval of the program for the formation of a single socio-economic space between Moscow and Sukhumi is another […]

The State Duma legalized the right of the authorities to recognize Russians as foreign agents

A Blank Slate – Russian Duma Passes Debt Forgiveness Plan and New Laws Regarding Foreign Agents Critics of the draft law adopted in the third reading fear that it can be applied to an unlimited number of people and publications The State Duma of the Russian Federation gave a white light to the bill, which […]

Russian authorities threaten to record American media as foreign agents

Russia: Zakharova threatens Germany with “harsh” response over Berlin ‘impeding’ Russian media Experts believe that the Kremlin’s campaign against US journalists is an attempt to preserve propaganda resources MOSCOW – Russian officials launch the most serious campaign of pressure in post-Soviet history on American media targeting Russian audiences. As reported on October 9 by Radio […]

Theft in the size of Skolkovo – 23 million

Day 4. 7-th lecture. Cybersecurity in energy. Ruslan Usufov Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a case on illegal spending of funds for the development of the science city The official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Vladimir Markin, announced on Tuesday February 12 about the criminal case initiated “against the director of […]

Amendments to the Constitution have been submitted to the State Duma. What Putin proposes to change

LIVE: Putin speaks on constitutional amendments at State Duma in Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday submitted to the State Duma a draft law on changing the Constitution, said the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov According to Peskov, during the consideration of the document in the State Duma, the co-chairs […]

NPO inspections may negatively affect visa liberalization with Europe

EU ‘Treating Everyone Equally’ On Visa Liberalization Germany and France demand clarification from Russia about inspections Germany and France demanded clarification about the massive checks of non-profit organizations in Russia, among which there are branches of German and French foundations. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle expressed “concern about the searches” to the Russian ambassador in […]