Putin’s 2020 message: Russia’s democratic experiment is over

Biden vows Russia’s Putin will ‘pay a price’ for election meddling Political analysts in the United States say that the Russian leader has taken up the design of the mechanism for his indefinite stay in power Usually, in a message from the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly of foreign experts, he is interested […]

Lukashenko: power at any cost

Belarus president, leader since 1994, says he has too much power Belarusian experts believe that Alexander Lukashenko is again trying to maneuver between West and East in an attempt to maintain power Against the background of the mass protests of the population that have been going on for six months over the falsification of the […]

Michael McFaul: I’m not very optimistic that the West can change Russia

Michael McFaul on Vladimir Putin and Russia Ambassador Michael McFaul on the Cold War, a Hot World and the Development of U.S.-Russia Relations In his new book, From the Cold War to a Hot Peace, former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul talks about the relationship between Washington and Moscow in recent decades, including the […]