Trump Threatens He May Not Sign Bill on COVID-19 Relief Package

Trump suggests he may not sign COVID-19 relief package unless stimulus is increased to $2,000 | ABC7

The President expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that this document provides for ridiculously low direct payments to Americans

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened not to sign the $ 892 billion coronavirus relief package bill, which includes direct payments to all Americans. Trump said the document should be amended to increase the amount of individual financial assistance.

Threats from outgoing Republican president with less than a month left in office undermines bipartisan Congress efforts to help people affected by the pandemic.

“The bill they are now going to put on my desk is very different from what was expected,” Trump said in a video posted on Twitter. “It’s really a shame.”.

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Trump said he wants Congress to increase the amount of incentive individual payments to $ 2,000, or $ 4,000 for couples, instead of the “ridiculously low” $ 600 for individuals currently proposed in the bill..

Trump also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Congress, in particular, allocates much larger funds for various assistance to foreign countries than to American taxpayers..

“I also ask Congress to immediately get rid of wasteful and unnecessary clauses in this bill, and send me the corresponding document, otherwise the next administration will be engaged in providing a package of assistance from COVID. And maybe this administration will be mine, ”Trump said.

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Trump refuses to sign economic aid law

Trump Threatens He May Not Sign Bill on COVID-19 Relief Package



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Recall that on Monday, the U.S. Congress passed a massive bill that includes a $ 900 billion coronavirus relief package and $ 1.4 trillion in annual government funding..

The House of Representatives approved the more than 5,000-page document in two votes. The first part was approved by 327 votes in favor, 85 against, and the second – 359 votes in favor, 53 against..

The Senate also approved this Bill 92-6.

The documents approved include a bill to extend government funding by one week to avoid closure and give President Donald Trump time to sign a massive bill..

One of the main components of the bill is direct payments of $ 600 to most Americans. This amount is gradually reduced for people with incomes over $ 75 thousand per year..

The new bill also provides $ 284 billion in Payroll Protection to help businesses keep jobs at a time when economic pressure from the pandemic could lead to more layoffs..

It also includes $ 300 per week unemployment benefits to be paid over 11 weeks, $ 82 billion for local schools and universities, $ 25 billion in rent assistance, $ 15 billion for theaters, and $ 10 billion for institutions. childcare.

In addition, it provides for the allocation of $ 4 billion to help other countries to vaccinate against COVID-19..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer said the bailout bill is just the first step.

“This is not the end of the story, not the end of the work,” Schumer told reporters. “Anyone who thinks this bill will be enough does not know what is happening in America.”.

President-elect Joe Biden praised the spirit of cooperation between the two parties, which helped to develop what he says is “just the beginning.”.

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Trump Threatens He May Not Sign Bill on COVID-19 Relief Package

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