Trump vetoes defense budget bill

Why Trump vetoed bipartisan defense spending bill

House Speaker Claims President Trump’s Veto Will Be Overcome By Re-Vote Soon

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump vetoed a $ 740 billion military budget bill despite strong congressional support for the bill. This slightly increased the likelihood that the country’s military budget, for the first time in 60 years, will not be adopted..

Trump said he vetoed the Annual National Defense Bill (NDAA) because it “does not include critical measures [to strengthen] national security, but includes provisions that do not respect our veterans and the history of our military, and runs counter to my efforts. administration to put America, its national security and its foreign policy actions first in the world. “.

“This is a gift to China and Russia,” Donald Trump said in a message to the House of Representatives, referring to the bill presented to him for signature..

While the president’s previous eight vetoes on various bills were backed by Republican lawmakers, the current veto, advisers believe, is likely to be overridden by Congress before the current White House head expires on January 20..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already said the president’s veto is jeopardizing America’s “national values” and that it will be overcome by a vote in Congress next week, December 28, thanks to strong bipartisan support..

Trump vetoes defense budget bill

“The president’s decision to veto this bipartisan law before he leaves is a serious threat to US national security,” said Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat from Virginia, deputy chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “It jeopardizes the mission readiness and well-being of our military personnel and their families, as well as military development projects, investment in innovation and technology, and other critical defense priorities. It also threatens the economy of Virginia, where the Pentagon, the main headquarters of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are located, as well as Norfolk Base, the largest naval base in the world. “.

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