Authoritarian states of Eurasia intensify their offensive against human rights

Post-Soviet Democratization and the Authoritarian Counteroffensive – Adrian Basora Human rights defenders are concerned about the worsening situation in a number of post-Soviet countries On Thursday, April 16, the Russian office of the international non-governmental organization Amnesty International presented the report “Human Rights in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2019” by videoconference. The study […]

US reaffirms its commitment to Japan to protect disputed islands

US to defend Japanese islands claimed by China We are talking about the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands in the East China Sea, which are claimed by Japan and China. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, in his first telephone conversation with his Japanese counterpart, reaffirmed America’s commitment to protecting a group of islands in the East […]

Masked men searched Navalny’s apartment

Russia: Police search Alexei Navalny’s flat in Moscow This was announced by the director of FBK Ivan Zhdanov Masked men on Wednesday broke down and searched the door of the Moscow apartment of the detained Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.. Download Adobe Flash Player Embed share Searches at Navalny Embed share The code has been copied […]

Experts: journalists will answer for protests in Russia

US, EU condemns Russia’s crackdown on protesters & journalists | Alexei Navalny | World News | WION Experts fear a new round of repression against independent media and the Internet. The scale of tightening the screws may exceed the reaction to the rallies in Bolotnaya Square in 2011-2012 The power structures of Russia set anti-arrest […]

Navalny was placed in a cell of the SIZO Matrosskaya Tishina

Russia: Navalny arrives at Moscow region police dept for court hearing on Monday Yesterday, the court, which was held in the building of the OVD in Khimki, arrested the politician until February 15 Politics Alexei Navalny, who was arrested the day before for 30 days, was placed in a three-bed cell of the quarantine department […]

Russia intends to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty

Russia announces exit from Open Skies treaty after U.S. withdrawal Experts – on the reasons and consequences of the refusal of the United States and the Russian Federation from observation flights over each other’s territories Moscow is starting procedures to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty (DON). This is stated in the statement of the […]

Trump Threatens He May Not Sign Bill on COVID-19 Relief Package

Trump suggests he may not sign COVID-19 relief package unless stimulus is increased to $2,000 | ABC7 The President expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that this document provides for ridiculously low direct payments to Americans US President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened not to sign the $ 892 billion coronavirus relief package bill, which includes […]

Congressman Engel condemns Al-Shabab attack on US-used military base in Kenya

The attack killed three Americans Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel issued a statement on Sunday in which he strongly condemned the attack by Islamist militants from the Al-Shabab group on an air force base in Kenya, which led, as the lawmaker stated, “to the tragic death of one American soldier and two contractors Ministry of Defense […]

Trump spoke out in defense of Roger Stone

Roger Stone speaks out in interview, denies deal with Trump The representative of the Ministry of Justice announced the withdrawal of the initial recommendation to determine the penalty for the accused US President Donald Trump criticized federal prosecutors on Tuesday after they recommended that longtime friend Roger Stone be sentenced to 7 to 9 years […]

Senators Van Hollen and Young welcomed efforts to extend START III

NASA in Maryland event with U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen In 2019, they presented a bipartisan bill to extend the treaty until 2026 Senators Chris Van Hollen and Todd Young issued a statement welcoming the Biden administration’s efforts to extend the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START III) with Russia. The treaty, which expires on February […]

From cold war to gray: cyber conflict between the West and Russia is gaining momentum

Russia and the West: a New Cold War Former adviser to British Prime Minister talks about offensive cyber operations in response to attacks from Moscow Former security adviser to Boris Johnson said the UK recently launched a series of covert cyberattacks against Russian leaders and their interests in response to a cyber attack against the […]

Europe is with the people of Belarus. And with whom is Russia?

Belarus protests: Lukashenko says Belarus and Russia could unite troops Experts on the accusations of Minsk and Moscow against the West and the real policy of the European Union towards the Lukashenka regime During a press conference following his two-day visit to Minsk, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused Western countries of interfering in the […]

The EU has not yet introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation in connection with the detention of Navalny’s supporters

EU agrees on sanctions against Russia Some countries are in favor of sanctions, but Brussels is in favor of a phased approach The European Union will not yet impose new sanctions on Russian citizens, despite the arrests of more than 3,000 people across Russia during Saturday’s protests in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, European […]

President Zurabishvili: Georgia needs a strong America

President Michel met with Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili Washington and Tbilisi draw parallels between events in the two countries Georgia supports the United States and believes in a strong America – the country that is the leader of the democratic world. This is how Georgian politicians reacted to the riots in Washington. “For thirty years […]

The banking system of Belarus is now completely seized by the security forces – Andrei Strizhak

Media Freedom in Belarus: UN Security Council Arria meeting Co-founder of BY_help and BYSOL – about mass blocking of accounts and about helping Belarusians who suffered from repression Ksenia Turkova: Last week it became known that law enforcement agencies began to block the accounts of Belarusians who received compensation from the BY_help initiative. What happened […]

What is Russia looking for in Cuba?

Russian FM promises more economic & military support to Cuba during visit Experts – on the visit of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to Cuba, Moscow’s geopolitical ambitions and regional realities The two-day visit of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to Cuba is indicative of the fact that the intention to strengthen ties between themselves […]

Biden blames Trump for Capitol riots

Biden Blames Trump For Capitol Riots President-elect named Trump supporters who stormed into Congress on Wednesday as rebels and domestic terrorists President-elect Joe Biden called Donald Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol building on Wednesday afternoon “domestic terrorists” and blamed the incumbent for Wednesday’s violent attacks in downtown Washington.. Biden’s announcement came on Thursday […]

The State Duma legalized the right of the authorities to recognize Russians as foreign agents

A Blank Slate – Russian Duma Passes Debt Forgiveness Plan and New Laws Regarding Foreign Agents Critics of the draft law adopted in the third reading fear that it can be applied to an unlimited number of people and publications The State Duma of the Russian Federation gave a white light to the bill, which […]

Alexander Crowter: By Spreading Misinformation, Russia Wages Political War

What’s Happening with Russian Disinformation According to the expert, it is safer for Moscow to conduct operations that do not involve an armed response from the United States and Western countries. On the eve of the November elections, the State Department was reminded of the existence of a program called Rewards for Justice, run by […]

Russian oppositionists appeal to the OSCE

Moscow court denies Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny’s appeal for release Candidates for deputies from Moscow and St. Petersburg doubt the honesty of counting votes on the results of elections on a single voting day A letter has been sent to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) with a request to send […]

American elections on the scale of Russians’ news priorities

How the U.S. election is playing out in Russia According to experts, the interest of Russians in the current presidential campaign in the United States is inferior to other topics of domestic and foreign policy. Interest in Russia in the US presidential elections in 2020 remains, but it is noticeably lower than it was during […]

Lyubov Sobol was taken away for interrogation after a search

Navalny’s Lawyer Detained During Live Interview Presumably, this is due to her attempt to talk with one of the possible poisoners of Navalny. Russian police raided the home of opposition leader Lyubov Sobol on Friday morning and then took her away for questioning, according to Alexei Navalny and his supporters.. They believe that the actions […]

Canada grants asylum to a girl who fled Saudi Arabia

🇸🇦 Canada grants asylum to Saudi teenager who fled her family | Al Jazeera English Rahaf Mohammed Al-Kunoun flew to Toronto on the morning of January 12 TORONTO – An 18-year-old Saudi Arabian citizen who fled her family for fear of reprisals for renouncing Islam, arrived in Canada. The country’s authorities granted asylum to Rahaf […]

US Futures Fall Amid Trade War Fears

Stocks plunge amid trade war fears Tech companies suffer losses due to Facebook data breach scandal Futures on the U.S. stock exchanges saw sharp declines on Thursday, as tech stocks plummet amid fears of future tightening of restrictions amid Facebook misuse scandal, while the Trump administration’s decision to impose tariffs on imports from China raises […]

Congressmen Blocked Trump-Requested Changes to Economic Aid Package

Democrats block request from Senator McConnell for unanimous consent to more coronavirus relief Democrats proposed to increase the amount of payments to the population, and Republicans – change the amount of aid to foreign countries Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives on Thursday blocked attempts to change the coronavirus relief package included in […]

McConnell: Trump triggered Capitol riots

“The mob was fed lies:” Mitch McConnell says Trump “provoked” deadly rioting at US Capitol Senate Majority Leader said the crowd was provoked by the president and others in power Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump «provoked» riots that took place on January 6 at the Capitol. «The crowd […]

Protest actions in memory of Roman Bondarenko were held in Belarus

Dozens lay flowers on site after Belarus opposition protester’s death | AFP Security forces used rubber bullets and stun grenades against demonstrators Radio Liberty, citing the human rights organization Viasna (Viasna), reports on more than 500 detained participants in the protest demonstrations that took place on Sunday in Belarus. Demonstrators chanted “I’m going out” – […]

Russian disinformation: games with coronavirus

Virtual roundtable “Covid-19 and the Chinese and Russian disinformation campaigns” Peter Stano: If earlier political propaganda was used, the purpose of which was to earn more points, now disinformation plays with human lives US and EU leaders accuse Russia of conducting disinformation campaign, including related to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Peter Stano, EU foreign affairs […]

Experts: the pandemic helps the Russian authorities to increase pressure on the press

Russian Independent Media During the Coronavirus Pandemic Russian experts note alarming trends in connection with the adoption of the law on fake news May 3 is World Press Freedom Day. It was proclaimed by a special resolution by the UN General Assembly on December 20, 1993. Since 1997, the UNESCO Prize for Press Freedom has […]