Kazakhstan will require Russia to pay compensation for spoiled oil

OPEC+ agrees to allow Russia, Kazakhstan to boost their oil output during February, March In addition to Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus insist on the payment of compensation Kazakhstani oil, flowing through the pipeline through the territory of Russia for subsequent shipment by tankers from the port of Ust-Luga, was spoiled as a result of pollution, […]

Germany refused to exempt Nord Stream 2 from the gas directive

Lubmin Germany: On the Nord Stream 2 frontline | Focus on Europe The reason for the refusal was the violated terms of the gas pipeline construction. Pipe-laying has been suspended due to US sanctions The German Federal Grid Agency denied the Nord Stream 2 project an exemption from the EU gas directive rules, as the […]

Results of Andrzej Duda’s visit to Washington: reaction in Poland and in Russia

Trump and Poland’s President Duda on the relationship How will the acquisition of new American fighters affect the combat capability of the Polish Army? Polish and Russian experts reflect During the visit of Polish President Andrzej Duda to Washington, he and US President Donald Trump signed a Declaration on Defense Cooperation in the Field of […]

US broadens interpretation of Nord Stream 2 sanctions

Nord Stream 2 construction resumes despite new US sanctions | DW News The sanctions will affect companies providing services to the vessels involved in the project The US State Department has clarified the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, stating that they will also affect companies that provide various services or funding […]

NATO Secretary General: we must strengthen defense capabilities, but maintain dialogue with Russia

David A. Morse Lecture With Jens Stoltenberg Russia and Afghanistan became one of the main topics of discussion at the ongoing meeting of ministers of the North Atlantic Alliance On the first day of an online meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers on December 1-2, Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Allies are concerned about […]

The satirical pamphlet The Mazeltov Cocktail is shown at the New York Film Festival

MASEL TOV COCKTAIL: Clip 1 (English) How a young Jew from the former Soviet Union lives in Germany? Arkadij Khaet was a few weeks old when his Jewish parents emigrated from Moldova to Germany. Almost three decades later, Arkady is successfully mastering the filmmaking niche. His short films are shown at international film festivals, and […]

Coronavirus in Georgia: where does a new infection come from?

COVID-19 cases rise in Georgia, as some health care workers resist vaccinations The Georgian Orthodox Church does not intend to change the ritual of the ceremonies due to the threat of the spread of a new infection The Georgian Orthodox Church (GOC) does not intend to amend the Orthodox rituals and the format of the […]

Trump: Deep State at FDA Deliberately Delays COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Trump claims ‘Deep State’ FDA slowing vaccine trials The day before, a senior FDA official warned that he would resign if the White House forces the department to approve an incompletely tested vaccine. President Donald Trump on Saturday accused FDA officials of the Deep State of deliberately delaying testing of COVID-19 vaccines until a presidential […]

Jan Rachinsky: I hope that this madness will stop after all

No Children – The Mountain Goats Chairman of the Board of the International Memorial – on the stream of fines that fell on Russian human rights defenders In the new year, the Russian supervisory authorities again fined International Memorial – this time 300 thousand rubles, according to the organization’s website. The reason for this was […]

Many Obama Administration staff will return to work at State Department

Inside the White House: The Cabinet Biden’s appointments to the country’s foreign affairs agency signal that the United States is returning to its previous diplomatic strategy. President-elect Joe Biden will appoint a group of former career diplomats and former Barack Obama administration officials to senior positions in the State Department. These personnel decisions signal that […]

Alexey Navalny – on the annexation of Crimea, Kadyrov and a new strategy

Kyiv calls for new summit on seventh anniversary of Russia’s Crimea annexation Exclusive interview with one of the leaders of the Russian opposition to the Russian service of the Voice of America The Russian opposition is looking for new ways to attract supporters and will activate the existing ones. At a time when the “Crimean […]

Will Alexander Lukashenko Resist Western Sanctions?

Belarus: President Alexander Lukashenko’s veiled threat to protesters | Belarus Protests Latvian and Estonian Foreign Ministries publish extended sanctions lists of Belarusian officials KIEV – Alexander Lukashenko said in connection with possible sanctions from the West that Minsk and Moscow can jointly meet their needs in the economy. He said this on September 25 during […]

Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State: Opinions and Forecasts

Biden’s Secretary Of State Nominee Antony Blinken Delivers Remarks | NBC News What do those who know him say about the future chief US diplomat? Antony John Blinken, nominated by US President-elect Joe Biden for the post of Secretary of State in the next administration, can bring joy with his biography and career to anyone […]

Fauci confident to receive coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year

Fauci: Approval For Coronavirus Vaccine Might Come By End Of Year | NBC News NOW The top infectious disease expert in the United States assured that in an effort to get the vaccine as soon as possible, the developers are not compromising on safety Leading American expert on infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, suggested that […]

David Kramer: sanctions against Russia must remain in force

South Caucasus Struggles: Russia or West? Interview With David J.Kramer Former senior State Department official answered VOA questions WASHINGTON – Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy and Human Rights, and now Senior Director for Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms at the McCain Institute, David Kramer, in an exclusive interview with the Voice of […]

Mark Berendt: human rights violations cannot be explained by geopolitics

World Leaders are Failing Human Rights. Here’s Why. | NYT Opinion Director for Europe and Eurasia of Freedom House – on the reasons for the low rating of Russia in the report Freedom in the world – 2019 On February 5, Freedom House, an international human rights organization, published Freedom In The World 2019, in […]

Controversy over the Nord Stream 2 project grows in the EU

Energy security, EU relations and political power plays: What the Nord Stream 2 debate is all about Baltic and Central European countries fear dependence on gas supplies from Russia There are strong disagreements among the EU member states over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Discussion of the project by the EU energy ministers, which […]

Putin – Lukashenko: Brothers-Antipodes?

CANOSSA-GANG: Belarus-Krise – Listiger Lukaschenko wird sich Putin unterwerfen müssen Experts on the deepening disagreements between Belarus and Russia and the role that personal relations between the leaders of the two countries play in this Minsk is determined to extradite the Wagner PMC mercenaries detained in Belarus both to Ukraine and to Russia, President Alexander […]

Senator Johnson: sanctions against Russia will remain in force under the new president

Here’s what’s in the Senate’s new Russia sanctions Republican lawmaker expressed support for Trump administration’s foreign policy as opposed to President-elect Biden’s possible course Senator from the Republican Party Ron Johnson emphasized that there is a strong bipartisan consensus in Congress that Russian foreign policy is unacceptable for the US national interests, and with a […]

Belarusian events in the regional context

Online Event: Has Belarus Reached a Point of No Return? Are Alexander Lukashenko’s accusations against Poland substantiated, and is he not following the methods previously tested by Russian propaganda? “They wanted to arrange a revolution in our country, not even a revolution, but a rebellion, but they got it themselves,” commented Alexander Lukashenko on the […]

UN urged Russia to stop militarizing annexed Crimea

The Militarization of the Black Sea After the Annexation of Crimea In the resolution of the General Assembly, the militarization of Crimea is called progressive, the Russian troops on the peninsula violate the sovereignty of Ukraine The UN General Assembly called on Russia to stop supplying to Crimea “weapons systems, including aircraft and missiles, capable […]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Russian world cannot be promoted by tanks or soft power

On March 16 the Ukrainian foreign ministry announced the Crimea reintegration strategy Latvia will stop broadcasting Russia RTR for a year due to incitement to hostility towards Ukraine and other states KIEV – Russia was unable to promote the “Russian world” in Ukraine with tanks – nor will it be able to use soft power. […]

Baltic Film Festival is taking place in New York

2020 New York Baltic Film Festival Trailer Estonian filmmaker Tanel Toom: Perfectionism turns into loneliness For the third time, New York is hosting the now-annual Third Annual New York Baltic Film Festival (NYBFF). It features nine new feature films of various genres from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers completely […]

Stephen Bigan: relations between the United States and Russia are in a consistently negative state

The State of U.S.-Russia Relations The Deputy Secretary of State notes that there may be a request in Washington to improve relations with Russia, but for this Moscow must change its foreign policy “I think there is some desire here in the United States – and it is not on one side or the other […]

Pfizer and BioNTech Submit FDA for Expedited Registration of COVID-19 Vaccine

Pfizer and BioNTech to request emergency authorization from FDA for Covid-19 vaccine US federal regulatory agency is expected to issue vaccine approval as early as December The American pharmaceutical maker Pfizer and the German company BioNTech – the creators of the coronavirus vaccine, which has demonstrated efficiency at 95% in clinical trials – have confirmed […]

Republicans to summon Twitter head to Senate over blocking article criticizing Biden

Rep. Ro Khanna and Kevin O’Leary on Facebook, Twitter restricting New York Post story The largest social networks blocked the distribution of the publication in the New York Post, the authors of which accused Joe and Hunter Biden of corruption Republican senators said Thursday they will summon Twitter chief Jack Dorsey to the Senate over […]

Chadwick Boseman named Best Actor of the Year

Chadwick Boseman wins Best Actor in 2021 Golden Globes Star career: from Black Panther to Ma Rainey, mother of the blues The Los Angeles Film Critics Association named African American Chadwick Boseman Best Actor 2020 for his role as trumpet musician in the retro drama Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Film experts predict a whole bunch […]

Ukraine – Poland: shoulder to shoulder

Poland recognizes WWII mass killings by Ukrainian nationalists as genocide During a visit to Ukraine, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced the preservation of anti-Russian sanctions until the complete de-occupation of Crimea and Donbass KYIV – Poland’s presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2025 will maximize Ukraine’s achievement of full EU membership. This […]

I would change lives not with Putin, but with Navalny – Viktor Shenderovich

Putin Says Russia Could Have Killed Navalny Had It Wanted To Writer Viktor Shenderovich – about Russian protests, the fate of Navalny, Putin’s palace, Lukashenko’s regime and the new US president Participation of youth in Russian protests Indeed, the “young unfamiliar tribe” completely unexpectedly, at least for me, turned out to be quite politicized. Putin […]

Yaroslav Sivulsky: Peaceful and law-abiding citizens were turned into an object for hunting

The Morning Show with Aaron Michael Sanchez featuring Jehovah’s Witness in Russia Over 5,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses have already left Russia, fleeing government persecution The pressure and persecution against Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia is increasing, despite the protests of the general public and the statements of authoritative international organizations in defense of believers. The situation for […]

Belarus: the slipper revolution

Belarusian Opposition Leader Arrested After Calling Lukashenka A ‘Cockroach’ Opponents call the current leader a cockroach and threaten to crush him in the elections Six months ago, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko seemed to be an indisputable authority, but now the politician, who is sometimes called “Father”, began to be called a “cockroach”, and opponents […]

Belarusian journalism at the forefront of the struggle

Women are at the forefront of the Human Rights Struggle in Belarus Voice of America interlocutors assess the work of independent Belarusian media workers three months after the elections According to Belarusian human rights activists, the number of detainees during the March of Democracy, which took place last Sunday, November 8, exceeded a thousand people. […]

Franak Vyachorka: we got the basis for building a new Belarusian society after Lukashenka

A conversation with Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya Surrounded by the leader of the Belarusian protests Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in 2021, we intend to continue the fight and create additional pressure points on the Lukashenka regime inside and outside Belarus Franak Vyachorka, an advisor to Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, one of the leaders of the Belarusian protests, told […]

The Pentagon is concerned about the growth of pro-Russian sympathy among the military

Pro-Russian Rebels Surround Military Academy: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 35) According to the survey, 46% of the surveyed military personnel and their family members consider Russia an ally of the United States. Russian attempts to weaken the West with a never-ending information campaign may have begun to bear fruit. American servicemen were under attack. […]