US military command reminded servicemen of the oath

Taking the Oath of Enlistment

The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that Joe Biden will become President and Commander-in-Chief on January 20

The US military high command, representing all branches of the armed forces, issued an appeal to all military personnel, in which it declared that actions such as the attack on the Capitol building last week are “illegal.”.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said that “the violent riot in Washington on January 6, 2021 was a direct attack on Congress, the Capitol Building and the constitutional process.”.

“As military personnel, we must embody the values ​​and ideas of the country,” the memorandum goes on to say. – We support and defend the Constitution. Any act aimed at disrupting the constitutional process not only contradicts our traditions, values ​​and oath, but is also illegal “.

“As throughout our history, the US military will obey the legitimate orders of civilian leadership to protect life and property, maintain public safety in accordance with the law, and remain fully committed to protecting the United States Constitution from all enemies, external and internal,” – reads a one-page memo signed by members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The statement says military leaders deplore the deaths of “two Capitol police officers and others in connection with these unprecedented events.”.

Committee members stressed that the right to freedom of speech and assembly “does not give anyone the right to resort to violence, rebellion and rebellion.”.

They also called on the military to embody the country’s ideals..

Committee members announced that on January 20, in accordance with the Constitution, President-elect Joe Biden, supported by states and courts and certified by Congress, will take office and become Commander-in-Chief..

“We appeal to our men and women deployed abroad and at home defending our country – stay alert, keep your eyes on the horizon and focus on our mission,” the committee members urged. “We honor your continued service to protect every American.”.

US military command reminded servicemen of the oath

As reported by the New York Times, the Department of Defense has raised concerns this week that former military personnel may have been involved in the attack on the Capitol..

While the Pentagon has not announced a search for sympathetic members of the attack among the National Guard, officials said they are studying photographs and videos from the scene, the newspaper said..

In particular, according to the New York Times, an investigation is underway against Army Captain Emily Rainey, who told The Associated Press that she brought more than 100 people to the Trump rally in Washington. Rainey resigned in October but had to continue working until spring.

“We will not tolerate extremists in our ranks,” the newspaper quotes a comment from Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman.

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US military command reminded servicemen of the oath

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