USA: Election Day

US Presidential Election 2020: Polling Day special

More than 99 million voters voted early

A grueling and bitter U.S. presidential campaign comes to an end.

Tens of millions of voters across the country are heading to the polls to decide whether to keep incumbent Republican President Donald Trump for another four years or replace him with the Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Baden..

Indiana, November 3, 2020.

Latest events

* Polling stations are open throughout the country.

* Biden began the day by attending Mass in Delaware, before visiting two cities in Pennsylvania, and then returning to Delaware for an evening address.

* Trump told Fox and Friends: “I think we will win.” The President added that he will proclaim himself the winner when there is a victory, if there is one. ” On Tuesday, he visited his campaign headquarters in the vicinity of Washington, and then returns to the White House.

* Biden plans to declare his victory if the media reports that he has received the required number of electoral votes, reports Axios news outlet, citing the Democratic campaign headquarters..

* While visiting his hometown of Scranton in Pennsylvania, Biden told supporters that part of the reason for his decision to run for president was to “revive the soul of the country.”.

* During a visit to headquarters, Trump was asked about the Supreme Court’s ruling last week in a GOP lawsuit that tried to block a three-day extension of the Pennsylvania postal deadline. The ruling means that the court will not interfere with the counting of votes in the state. “I think this is very dangerous,” Trump said.

Trump also said he did not reflect on his victory or defeat speech. “I hope we only need one of the two. You know, winning is easy. Losing is never easy, at least for me, ”he said..

* Election commissions in Ohio’s most populous county, Franklin, switched to paper voter lists after failures in the electronic registration system. Failure did not affect electronic ballot boxes.

* The US Postal Service reported delays in the delivery of ballots in the key state of Michigan, as well as in parts of North Carolina and Pennsylvania. In Michigan, ballots that have not been received by election commissions by November 2 must be delivered on election day to be counted. In North Carolina and Pennsylvania, ballots can be counted in the coming days if sent before Election Day.

* U.S. project The Elections Project reports that by November 2, Pennsylvania election commissions had not received about 638,000 of the ballots sent out, and Michigan had not received about 476,000 ballots by that date..

* And about. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolfe said Tuesday that authorities have found no evidence of foreign vote manipulation.

Biden received all five votes in the small town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, while Trump won 16 votes to 5 in Millsfield, New Hampshire..

Oklahoma, November 3, 2020.

Record number of early votes cast

Amid the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, more than 99 million people have voted early. This is more than two-thirds of the total number of voters in the 2016 elections (about 139 million).

By some estimates, a record number of voters – 150 million or more – will vote this year..

The timing of absentee ballots is determined by state law, and in some cases it may be after Tuesday. With this in mind, the election results can be determined only in a few days..

The presidential election ends a tumultuous and belligerent campaign. Both candidates sharply criticized each other, arguing that the enemy is unable to rule the country and will lead it to collapse..

Tensions have escalated over the weekend. Thousands of supporters of the Trump campaign have held rowdy rallies and demonstrations across the country. In Texas, a convoy with Trump flags drove a Biden campaign bus off the highway, and in New Jersey, presidential supporters blocked traffic.

Authorities and traders in several cities, including New York and Washington, near the White House, have covered shop windows with plywood panels to prevent potential damage and looting in the event of post-election violence..

Many of those who voted early said they wanted to avoid queues at polling stations amid the rise in the number of cases of coronavirus infection, which in recent days sometimes exceeded 90,000 per day..

Some Democrats also noted that they wanted to be among the first to vote against Trump, so that he became the third president in four decades not re-elected for a second term..

Meanwhile, many Republicans chose to vote in person on official election day – the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November..

Both candidates are older than the vast majority of US citizens. Biden will be 78 years old by his inauguration on January 20, and Trump will be 74. Whoever wins will become the oldest leader in US history.

In addition, voters will decide who will hold all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 out of 100 seats in the Senate..

In the final days of the campaign, candidates spoke ironically about each other..

“He’s a small guy,” Trump said of his rival during a rally in key Pennsylvania. “A light slap in the face is enough, you won’t even need fists.”.

Biden, speaking of Trump, also recalled youthful skirmishes: “During school days, wouldn’t you like to test your strength?”

Trump claims that Biden is “rapidly progressing” senile dementia, recalling the reservations of a Democrat politician who announced during the election campaign that he was running for the Senate, where he served 36 years, after which he served as vice president for eight years under the former president Barack Obama.

Former construction tycoon Trump and seasoned politician Biden are diametric opposites in both temperament and political conviction..


In the final days of the campaign, the president called the vote “a choice between the American Dream and a socialist nightmare … a choice between Trump’s super recovery and Biden’s depression.”.

Trump said that Biden, if elected, would implement the political proposals of Progressives Democrats who advocate government control over the US health care system and promote a Green New Deal to control climate change. Biden himself, a moderate-minded person, says he does not support any of these initiatives..

Donald Trump

Trump has repeatedly argued that the country has overcome the most difficult moment in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and that vaccines will soon be available..

“I watched Biden perform yesterday,” he said Saturday. – He only says that about COVID. He has nothing more to say “.

The United States ranks first in the world in both the number of cases of infection and the number of deaths from coronavirus: according to Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 9.2 million cases in the country and 231,000 deaths.

USA: Election Day


Biden has often criticized Trump’s actions in the face of the pandemic, including ridiculing him that the virus can be treated with bleach..

At one of the rallies, Biden said that because of the pandemic “millions of people were left without work, on the brink”.

“There is no light at the end of the tunnel, and Donald Trump has surrendered. Donald Trump threw away the white flag, threw our families and capitulated to the virus, ”said the Democratic candidate.

Biden said he “would prefer hope over fear.” “We prefer unity to split. Science to inventions. And, yes, we choose the truth, not the lie, “he said.

Joe Biden

“I don’t care how much effort Donald Trump is putting in. He can do nothing, absolutely nothing to prevent the people of this country from voting in record numbers and bring back democracy, “Biden said at a rally in Flint, Michigan..

Electoral college

In recent weeks, nationwide polls have consistently shown Biden ahead of Trump by about 7-8 percent, but the gap is much smaller in the key states that can determine the outcome of the election..

The president in the United States is not directly elected. The outcome of the election is, in fact, determined based on the results of voting in individual states and the capital of the country, Washington..

The winner is required to obtain a majority of 270 votes in an electoral college of 538 members. In all but two states, the winner of the universal suffrage will receive the votes of all electors, with the most electors in the most populous states..

Two relatively sparsely populated states – Maine with four electors and Nebraska with five – follow a different system. There, electoral votes are distributed based on results in individual constituencies and statewide universal suffrage, which could be a decisive factor if the votes are almost equally distributed..

Survey aggregator reports that Biden wins 89 out of 100 simulations in 40,000 simulations..

That said, the site warns that Trump could win again in an electoral college vote, winning by a small margin in several key states, including Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, even if he loses the popular vote, as happened four years ago..

Meanwhile, historian Alan Lichtman of the American University in Washington predicts Biden’s victory..

Lichtman’s 13 Keys to the White House system has correctly predicted the outcome of all US presidential elections since 1984, including Trump’s surprise victory in 2016..

Lichtman said this time his analysis pointed to Trump’s victory right up to the point where the public felt he was responding ineffectively to the pandemic..

Now 7 out of 13 “keys” are on Biden’s side. The analysis includes factors such as the ongoing economic downturn and racial unrest following the death of African American George Floyd. It also takes into account the fact that Trump’s success depends on a relatively narrow political base..

“The key system evaluates the overall performance of the incumbent president. The bottom line is that winning the presidential election is about how he runs the country, not how he campaigns, ”Lichtman said in an interview published by the American University. – These indicators do not change dramatically. They never changed in the weeks before the elections. “.

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