Pompeo: USA will support the people of Belarus in their aspirations

Pompeo: Belarus Doesn’t Need To Take Sides Between Russia And U.S. At the same time, the Secretary of State did not call Tikhanovskaya the legitimate leader of Belarus. US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that the United States is firmly on the side of the people of Belarus in their confrontation with President Alexander […]

Searches of journalists and human rights activists are underway throughout Belarus

Belarus and the Human Rights Council: Towards accountability for human rights violations (EN) In the Investigative Committee, the purpose of the searches was called the establishment of the circumstances of the financing of protest activities. In Belarus on the morning of Tuesday, February 16, investigators came to the apartments and offices of human rights defenders, […]

Russia leads Europe in terms of the number of prisoners

Russian court orders Alexei Navalny to prison, igniting protests, global condemnation In places of deprivation of liberty – more than half a million citizens of the Russian Federation, 2.5 euros per day are allocated for the maintenance of one person Russia holds the first place in Europe in terms of the number of prisoners per […]

76 days: the history of the pandemic is written before our eyes

‘76 Days’ Director: U.S. Media Not Showing Horrors of COVID-19 | Amanpour and Company Wuhan Lockdown Documentary Available To Stream In USA In the ratings traditionally made at the end of the year by movie websites and mass media observers in many countries, the Chinese film 76 Days invariably ranks among the top ten or […]

The threat of coronavirus did not deter US residents from long-distance travel during the holidays

The do’s and don’ts of holiday travel during the coronavirus pandemic | Washington Post Travel 85 million Americans will travel and spend Christmas and New Years away from home Despite fervent calls from the authorities and doctors to refrain from long trips during the Christmas and New Year holidays, millions of US residents went to […]

US sanctions: Russian Nord Stream 2 pipelayer left Germany

US threatens Germany with sanctions over Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline | DW News Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction suspended due to possible US sanctions Pipe-laying vessel «Academician Chersky», which was called a possible completion of the gas pipeline «Nord Stream 2», left the German port of Mukran, where it was moored in the […]

Putin’s 2020 message: Russia’s democratic experiment is over

Biden vows Russia’s Putin will ‘pay a price’ for election meddling Political analysts in the United States say that the Russian leader has taken up the design of the mechanism for his indefinite stay in power Usually, in a message from the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly of foreign experts, he is interested […]

US presidential elections and Russia: intrigue remains

How Russians are viewing the 2020 U.S. presidential election Who will become the owner of the White House is still unclear In Moscow, as in all other capitals of the world, they closely and interestedly follow the course of the 2020 presidential elections in the United States. In the expert circles of Russia, in particular, […]

Pompeo: Protecting Religious Freedom Is A Priority Of US Foreign Policy

Defending Religious Freedom is a Priority Secretary of State issues statement on International Religious Freedom Day US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issues statement on International Religious Freedom Day. “Today marks twenty-two years since the United States passed the International Religious Freedom Act 1998, reaffirming our commitment to promoting and protecting the fundamental right to […]

Pompeo: US will continue to defend its national interests around the world

China imposes sanctions on Pompeo and other Trump officials This includes, among other things, the protection of American interests from threats from China, Russia and Iran, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaking Tuesday September 15th at the Washington think tank «Atlantic Council» online, said that the United States […]

Nikos Anastasiades: Cyprus does not intend to leave the eurozone

Cyprus ‘will not leave eurozone’ Meanwhile, depositors are transferring money from Cyprus to other countries, including the United States. Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades announced today that Cyprus does not intend to leave the eurozone. Thanks to the agreements reached with the EU and the IMF, the default was averted and the situation is under control.. […]

Guaido: officials surrounded by Maduro try to save themselves

Venezuela’s Juan Guaido declares himself president amid anti-Maduro protests US-recognized interim President of Venezuela answered questions from VOA The leader of the Venezuelan opposition and the interim president of this country, Juan Guaido, believes that officials associated with the regime of Nicolas Maduro are trying to “save themselves.”. In an exclusive interview with the Spanish […]

Brexit and Huawei are the main topics of the second day of Trump’s visit to the UK

Trump’s UK Visit: Trump, May discuss special alliance, Brexit The President of the United States will hold talks with the outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May and attend a dinner that may be attended by Boris Johnson Donald Trump will dive into the Brexit situation on Tuesday and will likely demand that the successor of Theresa […]

US Special Representative Brian Hook: Liberation of Wang Xiyue is an important day for American diplomacy

A Conversation With Brian Hook American diplomat in an exclusive interview with Voice of America spoke about the release of a graduate student at Pristan University and the relationship between Washington and Tehran “Voice of America”: The US Congress is glad that it was possible to return the Americans detained by Iran home. You were […]

Biden Unveils $ 1.9 Trillion Salvation Plan for America

President-elect Joe Biden unveils $1.9 trillion plan to combat the virus and stimulate the economy Democratic Congressional Leaders Welcome Biden and Harris Team Initiatives President-elect Joe Biden spoke Thursday night in Wilmington, Delaware, with an official announcement on a $ 1.9 trillion bailout plan for the U.S. economy hit by the coronavirus pandemic.. Biden’s strategy, […]

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya: the Belarusian people need UN help

LIVE: Tikhanovskaya speaks at informal UN Security Council meeting on Belarus The nation cannot and should not be hostage to the lust for power of one person, the leader of the Belarusian opposition said in her address to the UN Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, whom the Belarusian opposition considers the winner of the August 9 presidential elections […]

Russian authorities threaten to record American media as foreign agents

Russia: Zakharova threatens Germany with “harsh” response over Berlin ‘impeding’ Russian media Experts believe that the Kremlin’s campaign against US journalists is an attempt to preserve propaganda resources MOSCOW – Russian officials launch the most serious campaign of pressure in post-Soviet history on American media targeting Russian audiences. As reported on October 9 by Radio […]

Demonstrators occupy Seattle City Hall

Protesters occupy Seattle City Hall President Trump expressed outrage, demanded to stop disgusting anarchists Seattle City Hall was occupied by demonstrators who demanded the resignation of the head of the city. They previously created a six-block “autonomous zone” in memory of George Floyd and sued city police for their aggressive tactics.. Download Adobe Flash Player […]

Michael McFaul: I’m not very optimistic that the West can change Russia

Michael McFaul on Vladimir Putin and Russia Ambassador Michael McFaul on the Cold War, a Hot World and the Development of U.S.-Russia Relations In his new book, From the Cold War to a Hot Peace, former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul talks about the relationship between Washington and Moscow in recent decades, including the […]

USA: RF and Wagner Group complicate the situation in Libya

US Accuses Russia of Sending Arms, Mercenaries to Libya AFRICOM reports that Russian PMC uses mines in the vicinity of Tripoli US Africa Command says there is strong evidence that the Russian state-sponsored private military company Wagner Group has planted mines and improvised explosive devices in and around Tripoli, once again violating the UN arms […]

How does the West interact with Russia

How Russians see the West | The Economist Russia in the future may be a more democratic and stable partner for the West, according to the authors of the new report Former American Ambassadors and Experts of the Washington Atlantic Council Daniel Freed (Daniel Fried) and Alexander Vershbow (Alexander Vershbow) made recommendations for Western countries […]

Biden and Harris transition team creates council to fight coronavirus

WATCH | Biden-Harris transition team announce COVID-19 advisory board The council will include leading experts in the field of healthcare President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris’s transition team announced the creation of a Coronavirus Advisory Council, which will include leading public health experts. On Monday, Delaware-based Biden held an online meeting with his 13-expert […]

US and Ukrainian elections: strategic context

US strategic interests in Ukraine – Why does Ukraine matter to the United States? Ukraine believes in the continuity of US policy under any administration KIEV – The results of the presidential elections in the United States will not affect the development of strategic relations between official Washington and Kiev. According to a number of […]

GRU on the Internet: Operations and Their Implications During COVID-19

A Coronavirus Briefing – The Impact of COVID-19 on Business and Supply Chain Russian military intelligence accused of misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic and cyber attacks on international institutions The operations of people associated with Russian military intelligence began to be closely monitored by Western experts and the media after the poisoning of the Skripals […]

Biden introduces his healthcare team

Biden Introduces Nominees For His Health Care Team | NBC News Among the primary goals of the new team are the introduction of mandatory wearing of masks for 100 days, the opening of schools and the conduct of mass vaccination against coronavirus. President-elect Joe Biden introduced his health team on Tuesday to tackle the COVID-19 […]

Analysis: In his inaugural address, Biden drew a line between disagreement and disunity

President Joe Biden’s inauguration speech and analysis | DW News New president calls for bipartisan cooperation to tackle pandemic, economic crisis, racial inequality and climate change WASHINGTON – Faced with the monumental challenges that other executives have faced every few generations, President Joe Biden has pledged to rally a country he says is going through […]

Who from the group of seven left Strasbourg

Group of Seven Documentary Experts from Central Europe and the Baltic States – on the actions of their national delegations after voting on Russia’s rights in PACE The return of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe without any conditions and without foreign policy concessions from Moscow prompted a joint […]

Russian politics: a view from Lithuania

Blood Brothers – Why 🇱🇹Lithuanians feel 🇺🇦Ukraine’s pain (NATO Review) Free site for the Russian opposition in the Lithuanian Trakai On Thursday, May 30, a regular forum began in the Lithuanian city of Trakai, the participants of which discuss the political prospects of Russia. “We have no goal to get involved in the internal life […]